Burned (Donovan Circus #2) by Liz Long – Bout-of-Books 9.0 Review

Burned“Tell Sheffield that Medved is hunting him…the Bear is coming.

Nearly a month after Lucy Sullivan saved the Donovan Circus from certain death, she discovers that Dr. Felix Hardy wasn’t the only bad guy around. When Lucy is attacked on home ground, Sheffield Donovan reveals that there are bigger foes in their world, gifted that use their powers to kill others – including her own family, as she learns from her ringmaster mentor. Medved, a Russian thug and powerful Shapeshifter, is intent on outing the gifted world and will stop at nothing to succeed.

In order to survive, Lucy and her friends must travel to another show, the Grayson Circus, for help. The uneasy alliance with owner Albert Grayson comes with potential new friends and dark secrets about their competition, including a troublemaker named Mel and an old flame of Lucy’s father. Lucy must also contend with her feelings about Keegan and Gabriel, as well as learn how to contain her rampant emotions or risk setting the entire place ablaze.

Will Lucy be able to save the Donovan Circus again? Or will Medved and his men slaughter everyone in their path on the way to gifted domination?

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1I considered giving myself some recovery time before I started this review. Then I thought maybe I should write it while all the emotion from reading it was still fresh. Just a warning… there’s LOTS of emotion in this book. LOTS!

I’ve learned since starting this series that Liz Long is not an author who holds back. She’s not afraid to leave you gaping, wide mouthed with absolute WTF moments or reduce you to tears – more than once. Unexpected tears, I might add. Tears that are caused by the feelings and statements of characters that you never expected to cause them. Yes, she’s that kind of author. The kind that will make you fall in love with or become totally enamored with a character and then …. well… you get the picture. (There are still things that happened in this book that I CAN’T believe actually happened.)

I suppose you’ve guessed that I’ve fallen in love with Lucy and the rest of the self proclaimed ‘freaks’ that make up the Donovan Circus. They’re hard not to love. Which makes anyone who threatens them hard not to hate. Burned introduces even more characters with new talents – both good and bad. More secrets are revealed and the closer this group gets the deeper they get into the thick of the Gifted world. Yeah, Liz Long definitely has me hooked. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for the Donovan Circus next… (this may require some stalking 😉 )

Oh, and one more thing… I don’t pick ‘teams.’ Love triangle or not, the characters end up with whoever they end up with and I’m fine with that…. honest. *crosses fingers behind back*


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