Wicked Thing by Angeline Kace – Bout-of-Books 9.0 Review

WickedThingCarmyn Rafferty witnessed the aftermath of her mother’s affair. She learned at a young age not to trust anyone. Especially not your spouse. So she’s planned. She’s planned every detail of her life: who her husband will be, what their careers will be, what their lives will be like. All to avoid the pain of infidelity. 

Dallas Brown lives according to his own terms. He doesn’t do relationships, he doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him, and he doesn’t live up to anyone’s expectations. 

When Carmyn’s fiancé cheats on her, it sends her into a whirlwind of one-night stands with the most infamous player on campus. She can’t seem to stay away from this tough guy and his dangerous motorcycle. Everything about him is the complete opposite of who she’d planned to fall in love with: tattoos, dark stubble along his jawline, and hair that brushes his shoulders. 

As Dallas and Carmyn begin to fall deeper and deeper into each other, they learn that love can truly be a wicked, wicked thing.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1This one kind of grew on me… kind of. What was my hang up? The characters. Well, not exactly characters – mainly a character… Carmyn. I just couldn’t connect with her in the beginning. Dallas, however, I loved. *sigh*

Like I said, the book grew on me, so eventually Carmyn did too. I guess because readers get more of Dallas’ history from the very beginning he’s easier to connect to. Not that I didn’t get frustrated with Dallas too. I just felt like he was more ‘real’ for a lack of a better way to explain it. Both characters’ stories were heart breaking and they handled similar situations in totally different ways.

The book is told in both characters’ POV and it was in first person. I don’t usually notice what tense a book is written in… weird, I know. For some reason this one stuck out for me. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just worth mentioning.

All in all, Wicked Thing was a nice diversion from what I have been reading lately. I don’t pick up a lot of New Adult or Young Adult Contemporary Romances – mostly because I lose patience with the characters. Dallas and Carmyn ended up not only growing on me, but growing up themselves during the course of the book. The supporting cast was interesting too and one character in particular I’d like to get to know better. Angeline Kace mentioned at the end of Wicked Thing that she intends to give him his own story. That should prove to be interesting 😉


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