Cain’s Salvation by Sarah O’Rourke

CainsSalvationWhen Dr. Cain Turner’s life was literally blown apart in a small province of Afghanistan, it was only the hope and memories of one woman that propelled him forward. But there were more demons to face. 

In the small country hamlet of Paradise, Tennessee…Faith waits. Surrounded by her loving sisters, Faith McKinnon had faced her own demons, having thought that the love of her life had deserted her. 

But fate…and a few meddling McKinnon sisters…conspired to bring the two star-crossed lovers together again.

I need to start this review by saying that Cain’s Salvation wasn’t an easy book to read. That’s not a bad thing… it’s just an CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1observation. The first chapter was intense and the feelings were raw. They needed to be. Without that intensity and pain readers would have been as in the dark as Faith was. That doesn’t mean that I think that Cain made the right decision… it just means that Sarah O’Rourke did a good job of letting readers get a taste of where Cain was coming from.

I liked Faith from the moment readers were introduced to her. She was strong even though she had been crushed. Her love for Cain was evident and her loyalty and love for her family was just as strong. I felt for both characters – so there was no taking sides. They needed each other, but they were both crushed. There were times that I wanted to smack sense into both of them, but I still understood why they were both cautious. I loved the creative way their friends and siblings decided to take matters into their own hands and what happened afterwards was priceless. 😉

Beyond the pain and the reality of war that Cain’s Salvation dealt with, it was also laced with a sweet sort of quirkiness that I didn’t expect. Yeah, it was kind of corny at times, but not over the top. The residents of Paradise were definitely a unique crew and it was fun getting to know them.

Cain’s Salvation was a quick, sweet read that had some pretty intense moments. There were also some light moments that balanced everything out. The characters were great and I’m pretty sure that there is more to everyone’s story. That kind of makes me happy because I wouldn’t mind spending a little bit more time in Paradise with the McKinnon sisters and the men that they tend to drive just a little bit crazy. 😉