Long Night Moon (Seasons of the Moon #3) by S.M. Reine – Bout-of-Books 9.0 Review

LongNightMoonSomething is killing innocent people around Rylie Gresham’s town. The police think it’s a wild animal, but she has other suspicions. There are new kids at school, and they have a lot in common with her: gold eyes, super strength, and a habit of turning furry. It seems Rylie’s not the only werewolf around anymore.

It’s up to Rylie and her werewolf-hunting boyfriend, Seth, to stop the killings. But saving lives doesn’t come naturally to a monster, and territory battles could risk the life of her sickly aunt–not to mention her own. Rylie has no choice but to stand her ground, protect her home, and stop the murderers before anyone else gets hurt.

Yes readers, I’m finally playing catch up. I’ve been doing my reading a little backwards when it comes to this series, but I’m fixing it now. About time, don’t you think? I read Six Moon Summer and All Hallows Moon 2 years ago. I didn’t stop reading the series because I didn’t like it. I just got side tracked…. and then I forgot… and then, well, you know what happens. Anyway, I got re-introduced to S.M. Reine’s books when I discovered her Ascension series. Since it combines both the characters from Six Moon Summer and her Descent series I decided to get a taste of the Descent series with Death’s Avatar. You know, just to make sure I was familiar with the characters… 😉 Let’s just say, I have a lot of reading to do and I. Can’t. Stop!

I thought that I might be a little lost or forget some aspects of the first two books in the series, but picking up Long Night Moon was like stepping into familiar territory. Oh, I’ll definitely go back and read this series from the beginning at some point, but I wasn’t lost at all. Even after not picking it up for 2 years. It might have something to do with being re-introduced to Seth, Rylie and Abel in the Ascension series, but I think it’s more because these characters made such an impression on me in the first place. Reading this book made me realize why I fell in love with not only this series, but S.M. Reine’s writing in the first place.

This is not your average young adult werewolf tale. There’s nothing soft, fluffy or romantic about Reine’s werewolves. They’re powerful, lethal, dangerous and broken. Nothing is held back and no one is spared any pain or heart break. The story makes you sit up and take notice and not assume anything … ever. By the end of this book I felt sorry for every single character. There were no ‘good’ guys or ‘bad’ guys – at least not how they are normally portrayed. There were shocking revelations and heart breaking decisions that lay the ground work for everything that is to come. No, not your average young adult werewolf tale at all.

Long Night Moon wasn’t an easy book to read, but it wasn’t meant to be. I know what’s coming because the characters are also in the Ascension series, but it didn’t take away from the power of this book. There’s a lot more to come and I can’t wait to continue the journey.



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