One Step Closer (The DeLuca Brothers #1) by Lucinda Dubois

OneStepCloserTen years. That’s how long it’s been since Frank DeLuca left home to make something of himself. And he did. But in doing so he left behind the only woman he’s ever loved. And still loves. Now, Frank wants her back. But there are obstacles in the way. Least of which is the woman herself.

Sofia Bianchi never stopped loving the boy who’d left a decade ago. And now she finds herself unable to resist the man standing before her. She knows she must, though. Despite the fire that burns for Frank, she now has a son to care for and protect from the same heartbreak she felt ten years ago, and every day since.

Wow… this could have been such a good book…. *sigh*

I know you guys are tired of hearing this and you’re wondering why I continue to read novellas. The honest answer to that is that there are some really good novellas out there. They manage to draw me in and paint a complete picture in just a few chapters. For me, that didn’t happen in One Step Closer.

The story was well written, the characters were likable and I enjoyed the story line. The issue was that readers just weren’t given enough time to grasp the story. There were so many places this story could go, but since it was a short, sweet novella it didn’t have time to get there. The biggest issue I had was that there was a 10 year time lapse. Ten years that secrets were kept, family members knew and no one said a word. There were other issues as well, but those were the stand outs. *heavier sigh*

On the plus side, this was the perfect late night read and the perfect filler between books. I will probably pick up the rest of the novellas in the DeLuca Brothers series because I really and truly want more. There are 3 more bothers and I’m hoping that they all get their HEA.


By creativedeeds