Warrior (Light Mage Wars #1) by Nancy Northcott

WarriorA Woman Tormented by Darkness

Archaeologist Audra Grayson hopes the dig in the Okefenokee Swamp will save her career. But that hope is dashed when she finds out-of-place relics and brilliant, sexy consultant Will Davis comes to investigate her for fraud. Worse, working on the site strengthens the evil shadow that has haunted her since childhood, and she knows he will think she’s crazy and unfit for the job.

A Mage Who Must Oppose it At All Costs

Mage Will Davis senses the darkness in Audra when they meet. Wondering whether she’s in league with dark forces, he vows to ignore his growing attraction to her. Then deadly ghouls target her dig, and Will discovers they want the ancient bronze pieces to open a portal for demons from the Void between worlds. If they succeed, everything on Earth is an endangered species.

The Fate of the World at Stake

With ghoul attacks escalating and mage traitors in league with the enemy, time is running out for Will to stop the portal from opening. The chemistry between him and Audra threatens to combust, but the darkness within her may give the enemy its chance. Must Will choose between the fate of the world and the love of his life?

First, even though this book is listed as the first book in the Light Mage Wars, it’s not the first book in Nancy Northcott’s magical world. Her previous series, The Protectors, started with Renegade. Even though you can start with Warrior, the actual recommended reading order is:

Regardless of where you start, the important thing is that you DO start. This series of books just gets better and better. The world building is unique and the characters are perfectly flawed. Okay, now on to the review 😉

Will was the poster boy for confirmed bachelors. Even though he was slightly envious of his friends and their solid relationships, he’d been burned before and wasn’t taking any chances.

Audra longed for a relationship, but for totally different reasons, she wasn’t taking any chances either. There was too much at stake for both of them to get attached. It’s too bad that their hearts weren’t on board with that plan. I love it when fate takes characters in a totally different direction. 😉

The story may have centered on Audra and Will, but there was a lot more going on. Things that involved the other characters as well as the fight against evil. There were also more than a couple of mysteries to solve. Some things were wrapped up at the end, but it’s obvious that there’s still a lot more to come, and I consider that a very good thing.

Warrior was full of action, suspense, magic and romance. I love getting to know the previous characters a little better with each installment. There are several layers to all the characters and their interactions with each other add so much to the story. I’m looking forward to seeing what Nancy Northcott has in store for these characters next. Hopefully the wait won’t be too long. 😉




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