Black Moon (Wolf Moon Rising #1) by Sam Burns & W.M. Fawkes

An apple a day won’t keep this doctor away.
Linden Grove has always known that he’s not destined to be the next pack alpha. That position belonged to his brother Aspen—but then Aspen left the pack to join the military. When the unthinkable happens and the pack is left rudderless, someone has to step up and take care of it. Can a doctor go from “do no harm” to defending his own with his teeth and claws?
Colt Doherty is used to a certain kind of life. Glittering, picturesque, and . . . empty. As the youngest child of the country’s only werewolf senator, Colt has grown up in the spotlight, and he’s all too used to knot-headed alphas taking credit for the work of others, especially omegas like himself. When his editor sends him to write a story on the Grove pack, though, he finds something completely unexpected: Linden Grove in his unpolished perfection, as shiny and sweet as the apples his pack are known for.
A Grove pack omega has been kidnapped, and someone has to step up. The pack needs Linden to fill his father’s shoes, but no wolf can stand on his own. To save the day, sheltered Colt has to drop the politics and become the action hero he never thought an omega could be.

This is the second book that I’ve read by Sam Burns and W.M. Fawkes. The first was Wildfire, which was full of magic and mythology – one of my favorite genres. Black Moon is the first book in what promises to be an amazing werewolf series, that is also another one of my favorites. In other words, I’m pretty sure I’ve found a new favorite writing duo 😉

Linden was one of those characters that was hard not to like. He was admired by many and misunderstood by a few. His caring for the members of his pack went way beyond the fact that he was their doctor. He had the heart that was necessary for a pack alpha, he just didn’t think he had the brawn to back it up. Watching him grow into the leader that his pack needed was one of my favorite parts of this story. My other favorite part was watching Colt slowly become a part of a pack that was nothing like what he was used to.

Black Moon had plenty of danger, suspense, pack politics, a sweet romance and a few new twists on pack dynamics that kept the story fresh and the pages turning. Both Colt and Linden grew a lot during the course of the story and surprised even themselves in the new roles that they found themselves made for.

The next book in the Wolf Moon Rising series is Harvest Moon followed by Hunter Moon. I can’t wait to get to know the rest of the Grove pack even better.

Wildfire (Sons of Olympus #1) by Sam Burns & W.M. Fawkes

Wilder Pratt has given up trying to get his life together. Passed up for a promotion, left by his long-term boyfriend, nothing in his life seems to work how he planned. Wilder is just treading water . . . right up until the moment he trips over a dead student outside his office with a golden would-be murderer standing over the body.
Hermes has been running his whole life—from duty and danger, from a father who mistrusts him and siblings who outshine him. But when the students at Banneker College of magic start dropping dead one after another, Hermes’s ass is on the line. He finds himself playing bodyguard to a man who suspects him of murder, but that doesn’t seem enough to keep Professor Pratt’s hot hands off him.
An ancient evil has risen from the depths of Tartarus, and he’s coming for Banneker. The only thing standing in the way of a titanic apocalypse is one disappointing part-time professor and a god who’d rather abandon the world to its fate. But if they work together, they may just save everyone.

I think I mentioned this a while ago, but now’s the perfect opportunity to bring it up again. Mythology was my favorite subject in school. I couldn’t get enough of it and I’m pretty sure that has fueled my love of PNR and Fantasy. That pretty much guaranteed that I would at least like Wildfire, but Hermes and Wilder went way beyond my expectations. For the record, I love it when that happens. ❤

Banneker is supposed to be a campus that is a safe place for magical students to strengthen their craft away from discrimination. When students are suddenly dying for no apparent reason, Wilder gets unexpectedly drawn into the fight against powers he didn’t even know existed. Just as unexpectedly, Hermes finds himself for once not wanting to run, but to stand by Wilder’s side in a fight he’s not sure they can win. They both discover things about themselves that took them by surprise.

There was so much to love about Wildfire. Two characters who were broken in their own way. A sweet romance. Danger, magic, mystery and suspense. The supporting characters were intriguing and witty and… yeah, I think I’m going to adore this series.

I have no idea what’s next for The Sons of Olympus, but I do know that now that I’ve discovered this writing duo, I’m going to be stalking their back list. A lot of the characters in Wildfire were introduced in Fawkes and Burns Lords of the Underworld series. I can’t wait to get to know them better. 😉