Lucien (The Marchesi Family #1) by Silvia Violet – Instagram Tour Review

I never imagined the protector I longed for would be a mob boss who demanded complete control.
I shouldn’t have gone to Lucien’s office.
Once I looked into his eyes, I couldn’t leave.
He commanded me to kneel.
I couldn’t help myself.
One taste, and I craved more.
Lucien vowed to protect me from his enemies…
But who’s going to protect my heart from him?

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First a disclaimer… BDSM is not my go-to when picking up a romance, but, as with other genres, there are some authors that I can’t ignore when a new book is released and Silvia Violet is one of those authors. That being said, after finishing Lucien, I have no qualms at all about continuing The Marchesi Family series.

Strangely enough, I rarely hesitate when it comes to picking up a book that features a “bad boy” and being the head of a mafia family definitely falls into that category. More often than not, even the most heartless of characters is not quite as bad as they portray themselves to be. Lucien was no exception. He was dangerous and definitely someone to be feared, but he also swore to protect those who were most important to him. Peter wasn’t sure in the beginning, but it didn’t take him long to realize that he didn’t have anything to personally fear from Lucien. That didn’t mean that trust came easy, because it didn’t. There were few people in Peter’s life that he could trust – family included.

This is most definitely not a read for everyone, so be forewarned. The author pulls no punches when it comes to either the BDSM aspect or the mafia lifestyle. Lucien will do what ever it takes to keep his “family” safe and no one is immune from his wrath when they cross him.

The Marchesi Family series will follow the family and from what I’ve heard, the next book should prove to be interesting. 

Love Times Three (Trillium Creek #3) by Silvia Violet

If you love something let it go…
Brett thought letting Ryder go was the best way to show how much he loved him. Ryder would be free to find an omega and start the family he’d always wanted. Ryder doesn’t want anyone but Brett, and he will do whatever necessary to convince him they belong together.
If it comes back to you…
Cam is on the run from his pack. He’s not looking for love, but when he’s rescued by Brett, his childhood crush, he realizes those feelings he had for his former packmate haven’t faded. Then fate steps in when Cam meets Ryder, Brett’s alpha mate, and a bond is formed. Cam tries to fight his attraction to both men, but the pull he feels toward them may prove too strong.
It’s yours…
Ryder knows Cam is the omega he and Brett need to complete their dream of happily ever after. He’s their missing piece, and it will take them both to convince Brett the three of them belong together.

I think I mentioned when I started the Trillium Creek series that although I love PNR (it’s one of my first reading loves) and you may have noticed my love of M/M, MPreg is not one of my go-to sub genres. I’m not saying that’s going to change, but I definitely am falling in love with this series so far. ❤

Readers have watched Brett and Ryder dance around each other through the first two books in the series. Brett came from a very different background. In his previous pack, the head Alpha was the ruler, not the leader. What he said went and it was drilled into him from a very early age that there were no fated mates, omegas had only one role and betas couldn’t mate with either. That meant that regardless of how he felt about Ryder, a relationship with him wasn’t meant to be. Ryder knew better and so did the rest of the pack… deep down, even Brett knew it, but he loved Ryder too much to stand in the way of him finding his true mate. Then came Cam…

Cam ran from the same pack that Brett left years ago. It was obvious they had a special connection. Once Cam finally agreed to let Brett bring Ryder to meet him in hiding, everything changed. The connection between Cam and Ryder was too strong to ignore, and Brett was crushed. Crushed enough that he walked away from both of them. It’s a good thing that Cam and Ryder were just as determined to get Brett back as Brett was to leave them to their destiny. Because their destiny included all three of them.

I love the dynamic of the Trillium Creek pack. Their alpha is caring, reasonable and a true leader. Members respect him and look to him for guidance. The pack runs on the strength of everyone’s individual talents while still working together to keep things running smooth – and when it doesn’t, they all pitch in to help. It’s a good place and it’s quickly becoming a sanctuary for those who didn’t have that growing up. There’s a subtle lesson there somewhere I think 😉

The series starts with Love at Lupine Bakery, followed by Love at Long Last. There’s more to come, so stay tuned!

Tied to Home (Ames Bridge #3) by Silvia Violet (Bout-of-Books 24 Review)

Luke Sumner has spent his whole life being coddled, after nearly dying as an infant. At twenty-one, he is more than ready to break free from his restricted world. He hasn’t told anyone he’s gay, and he’s only just admitted his kinkier needs to himself, but he hopes to work up the courage to say something to the older man who has captured his attention.
Since moving back to Ames Bridge, Jack Lawrence has been consumed with running a successful bed-and-breakfast. He hasn’t considered making time for relationships until he starts flirting with Luke each week at the farmers’ market. By the end of the summer, Jack is wondering where the spark between them could go.
When Luke finally ventures into a club where he can fulfill his desires, he unexpectedly runs into Jack, and they discover they’re a perfect match in the bedroom. With each hot encounter, more tender feelings surface, but between the age gap, not being out in Ames Bridge, and Luke’s need to come into his own, do they dare be more to each other?

I tagged this one as BDSM, because it is – after all, they’re first real encounter took place in a club. It’s also the main focus at the beginning of their relationship, but it’s not hard-core and there’s a lot more to the story. I guess my point is, don’t let that scare you away from this one. 😉

Luke and Jack had a lot stacked against them from the time they even thought about getting involved. Their age gap was the most obvious along with the fact that they were gay men in a town that held a rather opinionated population of prejudiced individuals. The other problem was that his parents hovered over him and treated him like a child along with most of Ames Bridge. He may have been 21 but they all still pictured him as the sickly child who almost didn’t make it.

Jack remembered Luke when he was that small child, but that’s not how he pictured him when he came back to Ames Bridge. He only saw a young man that he was attracted to and that attraction went both ways. They spent a lot of time in their own personal bubble and the more time they spent together the more they realized that they both wanted more. Of course they couldn’t stay in that bubble forever and once it burst reality set in for both of them.

The supporting characters were great and readers who have followed the Ames Bridge series so far will recognize a couple of familiar faces. There are at least a few level headed people in Ames Bridge and it was great seeing them again… 😉

Love at the Lupine Bakery (Trillium Creek #0.5) by Silvia Violet

Finn is focused on continuing the success of his family’s bakery. Eventually, he’ll settle down with an alpha and start a family, but for now, he’s content to satisfy his needs with casual hook-ups. Then a gorgeous stranger walks into the bakery, and Finn’s whole world shifts.
Levi’s father was a wolf shifter, but he was raised by his human mother and—like most hybrids—has never shown any wolf characteristics. That all changes when he enters Lupine Bakery and every instinct tells him the omega behind the counter is his.
Both Finn and Levi try to ignore what their hearts and bodies are telling them, but an unexpected pregnancy may force them to face what fate has in store.

If you’ve spent any time at all perusing this blog you may have noticed (if you didn’t guess by the tag-line) that I’m an eclectic reader. I have my favorite genres and authors, but I’m not afraid to take a step outside my comfort zone. That’s exactly how I stumbled into the M/M genre to begin with. I started with a book that had a paranormal/fantasy aspect because it’s one of my favorites and the rest, as they say, is history. So, why the segue into this review? I know that I’ve read at least one other MPreg story, but I can’t remember which one. It’s obviously not one of those genres I seek out. But, when an author I follow that has written both contemporary and paranormal books that I love, I’m willing to give something I might otherwise shy away from at least a shot. Silvia Violet is one of those authors. I loved her Wild R Farm series, so when I found out that she was starting another Shifter series, I was intrigued. Since Love at Lupine Bakery was a free short offered during a Halloween Giveaway, I thought, why not? Turns out I think I may have found a new favorite Silvia Violet series 😉

Finn was adorable and so was Levi – in an Alpha sort of way. They were the perfect couple to start this series with since all the world building was naturally explained to readers by way of filling Levi in on a world he knew little or nothing about. The supporting characters were just as interesting as Finn and Levi and I can’t wait to get to know them better as the series continues. I really hope that readers get more of Finn and Levi though because as much as I loved Love at the Lupine Bakery, I wanted more. *sigh*

Oh, and if you picked up Love at the Lupine Bakery during the Halloween Giveaway, you may have noticed a cover change. As the series continues, this book will be available for purchase and the cover’s been updated to match the rest of the Trillium Creek series. FYI – the new cover’s as adorable as Finn and Levi’s story ❤

Fitting In (Fitting In #1) by Silvia Violet

Two cops walk into a bar. Mason, the bartender, waits for the punch line, because no way in hell are these ridiculously hot men real cops. They’re straight out of a cop-fetish fantasy. But he quickly learns that Jack and Gray are the real deal, and they want him in the worst way.
What starts as a night of hot, three-way sex becomes a lot more. The two cops fulfill Mason’s submissive fantasies, but they also meet a more basic need, comfort. They want to take care of Mason, to offer him unconditional friendship, but their concern for him unnerves Mason more than even the kinkiest sex.
To find happiness with his new partners, Mason must change his belief that love is as much a fantasy as a pair of gorgeous, handcuff-wielding cops landing in his bed.

Short, sweet and plenty of heat. I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to pick up the Fitting In series, but now that I started, I definitely need to continue. Especially since the end of the first book is just the beginning of the relationship between Jack, Gray and Mason.

Mason knows that there’s no way a three-way relationship can really work. Someone always gets hurt and he learned this first hand. Jack and Gray have their work cut out for them while trying to convince him that there’s room for Mason in their relationship.

I loved these guys together and I can’t wait to watch this relationship continue with the next book in the series, Sorting Out.

The Past Comes Home (Ames Bridge #2) by Silvia Violet

Twenty years ago, Paxton Marshall realized he liked boys, in particular his brother’s best friend, Brad. Pax now runs a successful art gallery, but he’s never found anyone who stirs his heart the way Brad did.
Brad Watson is back in town for his twentieth high school reunion. However, the celebration of long-ago days is the last thing on his mind. He’s there for one reason: to finally tell Pax how he feels.
Pax is shocked to learn Brad is not only gay but also interested in him. Dating a man in Ames Bridge isn’t as simple as it sound, though. In order to make a relationship work, both men will have to bolster their courage and alter their expectations.

I’m liking this series so far. Although I think I might have liked Down on the Farm a little bit better, it’s not enough to make me want to choose between the two couples. The interesting thing is that there were some similarities between the couples in both books, they just took slightly different routes in reaching their HEAs. 😉

I liked both these guys and I’m really glad that readers got both POVs. There was a lot of back story with Brad and Pax and some of it was heart breaking. Brad kind of knew that Pax had a crush on him from the time they were kids, but he kept his mutual feelings to himself for a lot of reasons. By the time he was ready to admit to himself and others that those feelings existed, it was almost too late.

Because Brad hid not only his feelings but his sexuality from Pax and he wasn’t even out to people in his home town, Pax was more than a little hesitant to get his hopes up. He practically discouraged Brad from coming out at all. He knew what Ames Bridge was like and he didn’t want Brad to lose the support and respect of the members of the town he grew up in. Brad knew what he was doing… kind of… there was only one person’s opinion he cared about.

Ames Bridge may not be a very progressive town, but it’s full of interesting characters that balance out the small minded bigotry. I can’t wait to see what else Silvia Violet has in store for the residents of this town. 

Down on the Farm (Ames Bridge #1) by Silvia Violet

After quitting his teaching job on the heels of a scandal, Beck Davis moves to the house his grandmother left him in Ames Bridge. He finds the town stifling, but it’s a quiet place to hide while he regroups. Or so he thought.
His neighbor Cal McMurtry shows up, demanding to buy Beck’s land. Cal is as infuriatingly sexy as he was ten years ago when he and his jock friends spent their summers taunting Beck.
Beck expects to hate Cal as he did back then, but Cal isn’t who Beck thought he was: he’s hardworking, passionate about revamping and diversifying his family’s farm, and—far more shocking—he’s gay, and interested in Beck.
But as much as they want each other, Beck has no intention of staying in Ames Bridge, and while Cal is technically out, he refuses to date openly. A real relationship seems doomed from the beginning, but love can be a powerful motivator for those willing to take a chance.

I always like it when authors start a new series and it seems that Silvia Violet’s Ames Bridge series is off to a great start.

Down on the Farm isn’t exactly a “friends to lovers” book, or a “reunited lovers” book. It’s not even an “unrequited lovers” book. It’s closer to an “enemies to lovers” book, but not quite.

Beck spent some time at his grandmother’s house growing up. Enough time that she left him the house and property to him in her will because she knew that he loved it there. He may have loved it, but he had no idea what to do with it and he had no intention of living in Ames Bridge for the rest of his life. Fate has a way of changing plans though and it was the perfect escape when he needed a place to get his life back on track.

Cal had come a long way since Beck thought he knew him. Turns out he was just as infatuated with Beck back then as Beck was with him. They both had their personal issues to overcome though and more than a little miscommunication (both past and present) came into play. Town gossip, nosy neighbors, well meaning friends and small town craziness all kept things more than a little interesting.

Regardless, I really liked the first book in the Ames Bridge series and I’ve already got the second book, The Past Comes Home, ready and waiting on my Kindle. Stay tuned!

Lace Covered Compromise by Silvia Violet

Adam Kingston expects to inherit his father’s multinational conglomerate. When he finds out half of it went to Nate Thomas—an annoying man whose dreams for Kingston Corp.’s future clash with Adam’s need to stave off financial disaster—Adam is furious. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to wrest control of Kingston Corp. from Nate.
Nate may be soft-spoken, but he refuses to be swayed by Adam’s arrogant demands. When Nate accidentally drops a pair of his lacy panties in front of Adam, there’s no mistaking Adam’s interest. Nate hadn’t realized Adam was bisexual, but now that his secret is out, Nate is willing to use Adam’s lust against him if it means protecting the welfare of the company he loves.
For Adam and Nate, hatred and desire are closely linked. Their inability to compromise threatens the company and could expose their tightly held secrets. But as they work together to develop a plan to save Kingston Corp., they begin to realize there might be more to their relationship than anger and lust.

Honestly, the best description that I can come up with for Lace-Covered Compromise is cute. Cliche, I know, but what can I say? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with cute by the way.

Adam was awkward and heartbroken and determined to keep his family’s business running and most importantly in the family. Nate had his own plans for the business that he was left to co-run by Adam’s father and they didn’t include being bullied and bossed around by Adam.

I loved these two together, once they got out of each other’s way. Adam did more to sabotage himself in the process of trying to get rid of Nate. Then there was the fact that Nate was out and Adam was firmly in the closet.

As well as being cute, Lace-Covered Compromise was also fun and did I mention sexy? Sometimes that’s all you need in a short, sweet read. 😉

Willing Hands (Wild R Farm #5) by Silvia Violet

WillingHandsWill has a temper as wild as the bear he holds inside. Normally he’s an easy-going, caring guy, but if someone crosses him, he uses his claws and shifter strength to set them straight. His temper ruined his chance at the career he wanted, but now he’s working at Wild R Farm, enjoying the camaraderie and longing for more with one special man.

No one at the farm knows much about Ryan. He’s done time in prison and he carries scars that tell of something horrible in his past. When he gifts Will with one of his rare smiles, Will decides to do whatever it takes to get him to smile more often. Will is used to being a protector, and even when he learns Ryan’s dark secrets, he refuses to turn away. What he doesn’t realize is that he needs Ryan’s quiet strength as much as Ryan needs someone to show they care. Ryan’s past threatens to send him running, but Will and the rest of the crew of Wild R prove that no matter the danger, they take care of their own.

This one was sweet. Ryan didn’t stand a chance when Will and the other members of the Wild R crew took him under their collective wing. That’s pretty much what I love most about this series.

I’m a big believer in second chances. That’s exactly what Cole offers pretty much everyone who works at the Wild R whether they’re shifter or human. Not one person there, including Cole himself, doesn’t have something in their past that they wish they could change. It didn’t matter that no one really knew Ryan’s story, they just knew he was broken. They saw him for the person he had become, not the person he was. When his story was finally revealed, it broke my heart. Turns out, the only person really judging Ryan was himself.

It wasn’t just Ryan in Willing Hands that had a past to overcome. Will was just as hard on himself as Ryan was. They were a pretty unlikely couple, but it worked. I’m kind of hoping that we get to see more of them so we get to see Ryan come out of his shell with everyone at the Wild R and not just with Will.


Taming Tristan (Wild R Farm #3.5) by Silvia Violet

TamingTristanPrivate Detective, Wesley James, and horse shifter, Tristan Hayes, have spent the last few weeks adjusting to living together in Wes’s house in Nashville. Night after night with a demanding stallion is wearing Wes out, but he doesn’t mind. He loves Tristan more than he ever imagined, and he’ll do whatever it takes to show him, even if that involves a spanking, some handcuffs, and a visit to the gun range. Wes almost lost Tristan once, and no matter how difficult Tristan makes it, he’s determined to teach his man how to protect himself in his more fragile human form.

Oh Tristan and Wes… I love these guys. Of course, I love all the guys I’ve ‘met’ so far at Wild R Farm.

Taming Tristan is a fun little short that continues the story of Wes and Tristan that began in Embracing Need. The story definitely lives up to the title, although I’m not sure that Tristan will ever totally be tamed. What fun would that be? 😉

Regardless, I’m really glad that Silvia Violet decided to continue their story. Some characters you just can’t get enough of. Willing Hands is next in the series and two characters that are both a bit of a mystery are front and center. Can’t wait to get to know them better and spend more quality time at Wild R Farm. 😉