No Reservations (Wicked Pride #1) by Kelly Apple

Cami Patterson has the worst luck with men. Everyone in her pride knows it and they steer clear of her so they don’t end up with a broken bone or two or, even worse, dead. Needless to say, when her best friend sets her up on a blind date with a werewolf visiting from out of town, she doesn’t expect anything to come of it.
She certainly doesn’t expect a night of non-stop excitement including thwarting a robbery, getting chased by the police, and almost causing an international incident. Who has time to enjoy themselves with all that going on? Or of hooking up with her sex-on-a-stick date?
Cami just might have met her match in the wolf who laughs in the face of danger and doesn’t hesitate to jump in when there’s a damsel in distress. Who knew it would take a wolf to brave this cat’s run of bad relationships?

Well, that was fun… but that’s one thing I know I can always count on when I pick up a book written by Kelly Apple. Doesn’t matter whether the focus is on shifters, monsters, or even demons, the characters are going to be witty and they’re going to make me want to spend some time getting to know them. As a matter of fact, the only complaint that I can come up with for No Reservations is that I wanted more. 😉

I think it goes without saying that I loved Cami and Bran. Their connection was amazing and yeah… they were fun. I think I’m going to like this romp through Wicked Pride. Dangerous Curves is next and I can’t wait to see what the author has in store for Luna and Samuel. 😉

Cursed Bones (Grimwood #3) by Kelly Apple

cursedbonesOnce upon a time, Isobel Grimm had been the favored daughter of one of the oldest families in Grimwood. Prideful, arrogant, and vain, she found out the hard way that not all those she saw as beneath her are weak. Fleeing to her family manor hidden in the depths of the great forest seemed her only option when a powerful curse stole her looks and made her a monster in the eyes of most.
When an intruder invades her sanctuary, Isobel is forced to face some painful truths—she’s lived in solitude far longer than she realized and her problems are only the precursor for something far more deadly. For the trees in the forest are dying, stricken by a mysterious disease rotting them slowly from the inside.
In the manor hidden away from prying eyes, a pact has fallen and the entire forest is paying the price. As a Grimm, it’s Isobel’s duty to right this wrong and reverse the curse spreading across the land.
If she can’t, all of Grimwood may fall.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1Yikes! I can’t believe how long I’ve let this go without posting a review. That’s so not like me… well, actually, lately it is totally like me and I need to put a stop to it. Especially since Kelly Apple is one of my favorite authors when it comes to twisting fairy tales. In Cursed Bones, the third book in her Grimwood series, readers are treated to the author’s twisted version of Beauty and the Beast. As with the rest of her Grimwood tales, the Beast in this story is portrayed by the main female character, Isobel.  Which would make the Cade the Beauty… kinda… but I’m sure you get the picture.

Isobel can’t stand to see herself because she knows how grotesque she truly is, both inside and out. Cade never sees her that way. In fact, he’s intrigued.  Of course there’s a lot more to the story and Cursed Bones takes a bit longer to get the the smexiness that we all know and love from Kelly Apple, but the build up is totally worth it. Plus, not everything is exactly as it seems and there are a couple of twists thrown into the mix that make things even more interesting and not just for Cade and Isobel. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next Grimwood couple in Cursed Touch. 😉


Dead Sexy (Pinnacle Point #2) by Kelly Apple – Bout-of-Books 15 Review

DeadSexyWhen his ghostly cousin tells him there’s an open position at the PI firm where he works, Zane Harker jumps at the chance. There aren’t many places willing to hire a zombie and being dead hasn’t stopped the bills from piling up.

His new gig has a lot of perks, not the least of which is his current job guarding the delectable Maisie Banks after she receives death threats for her PR campaign to lure supernaturals to the small town of Pinnacle Point. The feisty brunette is a handful who spends her days arranging photo shoots of half-naked couples for her next PR push.

He might be a zombie, but spending day in and day out watching beautiful people make out for the camera reminds him his libido is alive and kicking. And Maisie doesn’t seem the least disgusted by his lack of a pulse. If anything, he thinks it makes her like him even more.

He might have a job to do, but no one said he couldn’t enjoy himself while doing it.

Warning: This book contains a zombie. Not a gross one. A gorgeous one. And just because he doesn’t have a properly beating heart doesn’t mean he can’t perform admirably. Maisie certainly doesn’t have any complaints.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1I’m not a zombie fan… there, I said it. I chalk it up to my husband making me watch Night of the Living Dead and the rest of those ‘Dead’ movies. *shivers* That doesn’t mean I haven’t put my big girl pants on and read a few zombie books, but I’m still not a fan. So why would I pick up a zombie romance? I figured if anyone could turn a supernatural creature that freaks me out more than any other into a sexy, drool-worthy character it would be Kelly Apple. Zane didn’t disappoint. 😉

Throw into the mix the expected witty characters and the heat between Maisie and Zane and Dead Sexy is the perfect quick, fun, smexy, late-night read. Can’t wait to see what’s next in Pinnacle Point…


Ghost of a Chance (Pinnacle Point #1) by Kelly Apple

GhostOfAChanceKellyWhen he was alive, Chance Harker was stuck in a boring job and a relationship that was going nowhere. Now that he’s dead, a whole new world has opened up for him.
He has a challenging job with a PI firm, his run of a swank hotel, and plenty of interesting people to keep an eye on. The only thing missing from his afterlife is great sex. Hell, he’d settle for mediocre sex at this point. Any sex at all, in fact.
Finding out the research facility run by Pinnacle Point Pharms is looking for those with strange and unusual sexual issues, Chance decides to check it out. Because if a sex clinic with supernatural ties can’t help him get a little nookie, he’ll have to resign himself to an eternity of unfulfilled desires.
And no self-respecting ghost wants that.
Warning: This book contains a horny ghost who tends to go invisible at the worst possible moment, a woman with exceptional flexibility, and a box of powdered donuts. The break room will never be the same again.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1Oh the warning… if you heed it, you’re good. 😉 In all seriousness… well as serious as you can be when reviewing a Kelly Apple erotica read… this is the first book that I’ve requested for review that I had to admit that it was partially because of the cover. The truth is that the cover caught my eye before I even realized who the author was. Honestly, another blogger told me that it was available and that’s when I realized who the author was. That almost never happens. Really, I NEVER pick a book based on its cover… NEVER! (And for the record… this confession is coming from a graphic artist.) Even so, I didn’t make the request to review it until I realized it who the author was… but honestly… that cover is really hard to pass up, right?

So, on to the important stuff.. the actual book. As expected, Ghost of a Chance was a fun romp into a new Kelly Apple series. There was plenty of smexiness and funny banter between witty characters to make the first installment of the Pinnacle Point series a quick, entertaing read. And then there’s also the interesting use of powdered donuts… Let’s just say I’ll never look at them the same way again… or at least not giggle the next time I see them… which may or may not be difficult to explain. 😉

I can’t wait to see what’s next in store for the next set of characters in Pinnacle Point...


Cursed Wolves (Grimwood #2) by Kelly Apple – Bout of Books 14 Review

CursedWolvesLucy Grimm knows what it’s like to be on the outside. Ever since her curse kicked in on her 18th birthday, she’s lived in the woods on her own, cut off from everyone but the other cursed and slave to the cycles of the moon. Her one joy in life is spying on hunky Connor Redfield while he works at his grandmother’s inn.
Connor knows someone’s out there watching him, but he can never get close enough to catch them in the act. When he decides to take matters into his own hands and lay down a trap for the peeping tom, he doesn’t expect to end up with a bundle of nervous woman who runs every chance she gets.
He certainly doesn’t believe she’s one of the legendary cursed wolves that roam the woods.
For all that she’s fighting against herself, Lucy can’t help but like the burly lumberjack with a heart of gold. With the moon coming up on full, Lucy doesn’t dare trust herself when her wolf takes control. But Connor remains unconvinced and the more time Lucy spends with him, the more she longs to stay.
Can a cursed wolf find love with a mortal man? Or will her beastly side destroy her heart’s desire?

Kelly Apple definitely knows how to twist a fairy tale. As I mentioned when I reviewed Cursed Blood, her twist on these familiar tales takes it up a notch. In Cursed Wolves, she flips the tale of Little Red Riding Hood with Connor being the prey and Lucy being the wolf. This series is giving me a whole new reason to love twisted fairy tales. 😉

Lucy was reluctant… out of fear, not out of desire… and Connor was determined. Together they were combustible. I loved their story. As hot as they were together, it was also a sweet tale. It was also laced with humor and just a little danger. A perfect mix.

My only complaint would be that I want more! Given the fact that all of these tales center around Grimwood, I’m kind of hoping that we haven’t seen the last of Connor and Lucy, or for that matter Zel and Geneva. There’s a mystery brewing and I can’t wait to see where Kelly Apple takes us next.


The Wicked Merman (Monstrous Tales #4) by Kelly Apple – Bout of Books 13 Review

WickedMermanWhen her friend drags her off to the lake for some much needed R&R, Ari thought she’d be getting away from supernaturals for a few days. Sunning and swimming sound divine and it might help her shake off the funk of being parted from her beloved Guardian.
But when a girl who loves monsters ends up at a lake housing a merman, she’s going to end up doing a lot more than swimming.
Ari can’t resist trying to find the answer to the age-old question: How do mermen have sex?
This wicked merman is more than happy to give her some hands-on experience.
Warning: This book contains a lake, a midnight swim, and an unexpected hard-on. Don’t let the fins fool you, this merman has all the right stuff to get Ari where she needs to go.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1So Ari does have a life outside of obsessing over monsters and school… kinda. Her best friend is trying to convince her of that anyway. Unfortunately, her best friend is also trying to mend fences between Ari and someone that betrayed her in high school. Her effort to get away from the drama threw Ari in the arms of her latest monster.

As usual, Ari’s curiosity gets the best of her and after setting some pretty definite rules and boundaries, she finds out everything she ever wanted to know about mermen… and more. Was it enough to make her forget her green lover? You’ll have to treat yourself to Wicked Merman to find out 😉



Monstrous Tales Vol. 1 by Kelly Apple

The first volume of Monstrous Tales includes 3 novellas and one short, short Interlude. I picked up the first 2 free before I was given the series in volumes by the author. Truth is, I would have eventually purchased them all anyway. They’re perfect hot, steamy, fun little reads. Here’s a little bit about each one in the first volume.

Wicked Woods (Monstrous Tales #1)

WickedWoodsAri’s always had a thing for monsters. Big ones, small ones, and all the ones in between. They turn her on like no human can. She’d be an ordinary girl if not for that one little quirk.
Since monsters aren’t real, she’s resigned herself to loving them in her imagination.
But, as Ari is about to find out, monsters are real and now one of them has her in their grasp. Will reality be better than fantasy? Or will she walk away and lose her one chance at fulfilling her wildest dreams?
Warning: This book contains a girl who isn’t afraid of monsters and a monster who wouldn’t mind a special lady friend. You’ll never look at those all-night monster marathons on TV the same way again.

You can check out the review I posted earlier here.

Wicked Games (Monstrous Tales #1.5)

Wicked Games is the Interlude story included in Volume 1. It’s a fun little segue between stories that gives a whole new meaning to ‘Game Night.’ 😉

Wicked Wolf (Monstrous Tales #2)

WickedWolfAfter several months with her monstrous lover, the unthinkable has happened—Ari’s Guardian is being called upon to mate with others of his kind. Not wanting to put her in danger, her Guardian sends her away, promising they will reunite once he’s fulfilled his duty.
Now Ari has a choice—she can pine for her monster as he lies with compatible females or she can seek out other supernaturals and see if what she feels for her Guardian is true.
Is it love or only lust? There’s a wicked wolf who’s willing to help her find the truth.
Warning: This book contains lovers (metaphorically) torn apart and a girl determined to experience the supernatural. Timid creatures need not apply.

Ari’s first escapade with a monster other than her green love is easier to find than she thought. Kelly Apple’s witty humor came shining through in The Wicked Wolf. I can’t even tell you the funniest part because that would reveal too much and some things are just better experienced first hand. *giggles* Michael was sweet, in a monstrous sort of way but was he enough to make Ari forget her Guardian?

Wicked Dragon (Monstrous Tales #3)

WickedDragonIt’s been five days since Ari and her green Guardian were forced apart. Ari’s determined to ride out the storm of sexual longing she feels whenever she thinks about him, but it’s hard.
When a dragon appears in her backyard, Ari is faced with a dilemma—send him on his way and continue pining or follow him into the woods to see what he can do for her. She’s already tried out a werewolf, is there anything a dragon could possibly offer to keep her mind off her missing beloved?
As it turns out, this wicked dragon might have a trick or two up his sleeve.
Warning: This book contains a dragon with an impressive package and a girl who likes getting gifts. No flight plans were filed (or interrupted) during their interlude.

It becomes fairly clear that word has gotten out about Ari’s affinity toward monsters when Max, the dragon, shows up in her back yard. He’s sweet and honest and most of all, lonely. He kind of pulled at my heartstrings by the end of The Wicked Dragon. I hope one day he finds his true mate. *shakes head* Yeah, only Kelly Apple could make me want to hug and console a dragon. On a side note: who knew anatomy lessons could be so… interesting? 😉


Wicked Woods (Monstrous Tales #1) by Kelly Apple

WickedWoodsAri’s always had a thing for monsters. Big ones, small ones, and all the ones in between. They turn her on like no human can. She’d be an ordinary girl if not for that one little quirk.

Since monsters aren’t real, she’s resigned herself to loving them in her imagination.

But, as Ari is about to find out, monsters are real and now one of them has her in their grasp. Will reality be better than fantasy? Or will she walk away and lose her one chance at fulfilling her wildest dreams?

Warning: This book contains a girl who isn’t afraid of monsters and a monster who wouldn’t mind a special lady friend. You’ll never look at those all-night monster marathons on TV the same way again.

Oh my… yep, Kelly Apple went there and this one was just as much fun as I expected. There is so much I could say, but honestly I’m speechless after reading Wicked Woods.

This was a fun, quick little read that was full of heat, fueled by a young girl with a vivid imagination that found the monster of her dreams. You’ve heard of magic fingers? Change that to tentacles and multiply them by… well, I lost count and so did Ari. 😉

Wicked Woods was the first book in Kelly Apple’s Monstrous Tales series. I picked the first two up when they were free so The Wicked Wolf has been added to my TBR pile. Seems that while the monster is away, it’s time for the co-ed to play?


Cursed Blood (Grimwood #1) by Kelly Apple

CursedBloodZel has lived his entire life within the confines of a square mile of the forest. The tower is his refuge. The witch, his captor. Forced to do her bidding, he dreams of a day when he can leave the cursed place and be free. 

But fate has other plans and freedom can take many guises. 

As a girl, Geneva devoured stories about the wild boy who lived at the highest point in the forest. A changeling, a prince, a forest spirit—all the tales tell a different story. Imagine her surprise when she stumbles across the cursed tower and the young man held prisoner there. 

It’ll take all her cunning and courage to free him. 

What she doesn’t know is that freeing him might doom them all.

Oh, I think I’m gonna like this series. 😉 Not surprising though. For one thing, I love twisted Fairytales in general. Having Kelly Apple twist them pretty much guarantees that Grimwood is going to be entertaining.

Cursed Blood is a twist on Rapunzel, from a totally new perspective. In this author’s rendition, the captive in the tower isn’t a damsel, but a tortured prince.

I loved the connection between Zel and Geneva. She was the first person that had shown him anything close to kindness. He was terrified to lose her, but even more terrified that she would meet the same fate as all the other trespassers. Geneva had a few tricks up her sleeve though.

There were a few more surprises in Cursed Blood, but I’ll let you discover those for yourself. All you need to know is that this quick read isn’t lacking in action, cringe worthy gore (Kelly Apple doesn’t hold back on her descriptions *shivers*) and there’s more than enough smexiness to balance it all.

The next installment in the Grimwood series can’t come soon enough. I can’t wait to see how this author twists the next Fairytale. 😉


Demon Restrained (The Demonkind Collective #1) by Kelly Apple

DemonRestrainedBas wants out.

Held captive by a crazed Alpha, demon Bastael hates all those he’s come across on the mortal plane. When a damaged werewolf falls into his path, he’s determined to use her and find a way to escape.

Evie wants to be safe.

Abused by her Pack and afraid for her life, Evie hides in the dark corners of the basement. The demon that’s already down there? He’s better than the Alpha upstairs.

But neither of them expects the connection that sets them both on fire.

With the Alpha’s lust for power escalating, Bas and Evie will have to find a way to break free or die trying.

Warning: This book contains one cocky demon and one werewolf who’s stronger than she looks. That’s right, folks… If the basement is a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’!

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1If you didn’t know better, you wouldn’t be able to guess that Demon Restrained is not only the premier book in this author’s Demonkind Collective series, but it’s also her premier book period. The characters were great, the bad guys were scary, the story was intriguing and the smexy level was off the charts. Yeah, I’d say that Kelly Apple pretty much nailed it. 😉

So, where do I begin? Well, since most of the story was told from Bas’ POV, I guess we’ll start with him. I loved Bas’ inner dialogue. And there was a lot of inner dialogue. His feelings and attraction toward Evie took him totally by surprise and he came to quite a few surprising revelations. He expected to use her for sustenance and escape. The more time he spent with her, the more he realized that she meant much more to him than that.

Evie saw herself as weak and damaged. Bas saw her for what she actually was – strong, determined and caring. Bas wasn’t used to seeing those traits in beings that inhabited her plane. Especially shifters. Her simple act of caring and the strength it took to provide it changed Bas’ entire perspective – not to mention his feelings toward Evie.

The story may have been short, but the emotion, heat and suspense wasn’t lacking. There were no wasted words or actions in this one, but nothing was rushed either. This was the perfect start and I’m looking forward to more. Readers were given a sneak peek at the next installment at the end of Demon Restrained and I can’t wait to see what Kelly Apple has in store for us next. Looks like things might get just a little interesting. 😉