Perfect Chemistry by Jodi Redford

PerfectChemistryWhen it comes to sexy geeks, Leo Martinez and Devlin Hawke are as hot as they get. But falling for the wrong guy has always been Sidney Chase’s forte. She’s not about to submit to her inner bad girl by giving in to her secret fantasies about her sex-on-a-stick bosses. When she’s accidentally exposed to the supercharged aphrodisiac in their lab, Sidney tosses aside her inhibitions and unknowingly provides her bosses with an eye-popping display of self lovin’ courtesy of the office security cameras.

Despite their mutual craving for Sidney, Leo and Devlin made a pact long ago to keep her off limits. The last thing they’d wanted was to scare off their best PA by overwhelming her with their kinky tendencies. Witnessing the arousing effects of their aphrodisiac elixir on Sidney changes everything. Not only is she the answer they’ve been looking for in regards to fine-tuning their formula, she’s the perfect woman for them. And with a little help from one helluva sinful science experiment, they’ll prove that love is far more potent than anything manufactured in a bottle.

Warning: This red hot office romance contains 3 parts sizzling m/f/m menage, 2 parts sexy and sweet geeks, one part wicked bondage and sex toys, and a whole lot of combustible chemistry. Safety glasses required.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1Jodi Redford and her snarky characters never fail to entertain me. Yeah, they’re sometimes corny and they rarely show restraint, but that’s all part of their charm 🙂 Perfect Chemistry was definitely not the exception.

This one was just plain fun, which is pretty much what I’ve come to expect from this author. A perfect diversion and even though there were no supernatural elements involved *cough, cough* this trio was quite entertaining. I liked their boss/employee to lover excursion. Having the POVs switch around helped add to the fun. Oh, and as usual, the warning is for real, so if you aren’t into any of the above, don’t be offended if you pick up the book. Enough said.

I have to admit that I became a fan of this author because of her sexy shifters and smexy magic, but her contemporary romps are fun too…. that doesn’t mean that I won’t continue to stalk and harass her for more of my favorites. It just means that I’ll take what I can get…. for now. 😉



Naughty Girls Do: A Red, Hot and BOOM! Story by Jodi Redford

LNaughtyGirlsDoexie Winters is on a mission—to lose her good girl image and tempt resident bad boy, Ash Bodry, into her bed. Tired of being treated like his kid sister, it’s past time for her to play dirty. She has her work cut out for her though when it comes to the sinfully sexy yet incredibly frustrating man.
As far as Ash is concerned, Lexie is strictly off limits. Not only are they friends, her dad just happens to be the sheriff, and years ago the man steered Ash away from a life of crime. No way is he repaying that favor by giving into his wicked fantasies of Lexie. But when the little vixen strolls into his tattoo parlor and requests a very naughty piercing, Ash’s honorable intentions are tested to their limits.

Now that Lexie’s hammered the first chink in Ash’s defenses, and he’s sweating bullets, there’s no chance in hell she’s settling for his hands off policy. Even if it means some flirty strip tease action and late night skinny dipping to convince him that this newfound naughty girl will do whatever it takes to get her man.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1Only one of Jodi Redford’s characters would use asking her long-time crush for a naughty piercing as an excuse to get the guy’s attention. That’s what I love about this author’s characters. You never know what to expect… except for the unexpected. 😉

Naughty Girls Do was fun. From Lexie’s approach, to Ash’s reluctance, to the inevitable cave in. There was plenty of heat and tension between these two. This one was short and sweet – only 75 pages – but the story wasn’t lacking. Not that I wouldn’t have wanted to spend more time getting to know Lexie and Ash. Sometimes a quick late night read is all you’re looking for. If so, Naughty Girls Do is perfect.

RedHotBoomIt’s also part of the Red, Hot & BOOM! series, which contains 15 stories by 15 authors for 99¢ each. Perfect way to celebrate the summer don’t you think? 🙂


Three Ways to Wicked (Wicked Shores #1) by Jodi Redford

ThreeWaysToWicked“Three ingredients for a hot summer: sun, sand, and sizzling sex. “
Following a nasty breakup with her ex, Kayla English is eager to get her erotic writing mojo back on track. Except progress on her current book has flatlined, right along with her belief in happily-ever-after.
Solution? Two weeks of solitude in the Florida sun thanks to some friends’ generous offer to house-sit their place on the beach. She didn’t count on having roommates-or on getting the sexiest peepshow of her life.
Seven years after an intimate encounter rocked their worlds, business partners Tyler Bishop and Gibb Masters have kept things strictly in the friend zone. A recent storm has left them homeless, though. They figure moving into Ty’s parents’ place is preferable to roughing it elsewhere, even if it means resisting the temptation to slip between the sheets with Kayla…and each other.
As the days heat up, so does their three-way attraction. But when emotions run deeper than any of them expect, three wary hearts must decide if it’s worth the risk to write their own HEA.
Warning: This book brings the dirty. We’re talking dirty sex in an outdoor shower, on a boat, and on the kitchen counter with a dirty-mouthed Casanova. In other words, all the good stuff with a side of glow-in-the-dark body paint.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1Just when I think that I’ve got Jodi Redford figured out, she throws me another curve. Well, I take that back. I will probably never have this author figured out. But that’s not a bad thing. Never knowing exactly what to expect is half the fun of picking up one of her books. 😉

I loved this little tryst between this fun trio of characters. Kayla was adorable and the fact that she was a author made it even more fun. Having level-headed Gibb and fun-loving Tyler being both attracted to Kayla and each other made things even more interesting.

Gibb, Tyler and Kayla all walked into this relationship a little wary and a little damaged. That’s what made them perfect for each other. They also had their own little personality traits that made it fun getting into each of their heads. By the time Three Ways to Wicked was over I wanted to hug them all.

As always, heed the warning. Fun was had by all, in many different places and in many different ways. 😉 Oh, and leave it to Jodi to even slip in a reference to one of her other series. Those of you who have read her That Old Black Magic series will know it when you read it. Yep, fun was had by ALL!


Lover Enslaved (Thieves of Aurion #1) by Jodi Redford

LoverEnslaved2Sometimes love is the only prize worth stealing…

Mara Sheppard has no love for the Fae, but to free her brother from prison, she’ll do whatever the treacherous Queen Nalia asks. Even kidnap Dashael Rhyder, a womanizing thief.

She should have known the deal would go sour.

It’s almost too easy to bait and trap Dashael. Resisting his potent Fae allure isn’t. Especially since Nalia’s unexpected demand for a missing magical rune means Mara will have to hold strong far longer than she’d planned.

Dashael’s best shot at escaping? Seduce her. If he can survive a few dozen of his closest enemies out for blood and the queen’s scheme to make him her personal stud…he might just make it.

Then his game of seduction trips over a snag named Mara, and he falls. Hard. For a commitment-phobic thief, love might as well be a prison sentence. Yet the idea of losing her makes him miserable.

Mara can’t deny that her enemy has stolen her heart. But their love is about to be tested by a lifetime of secrets. The risk may not be worth it. Especially if a life together means death for one of them.

Warning, contains one or more of the following: Hot, sexy thieves, pain-in-the-butt sprites, handcuffs, intriguing new uses for a silk bed curtain, and scorching, shake-the-ceiling-tiles sex.

One thing that I have learned about Jodi Redford is to always expect the unexpected. You never quite know what she is going to come up with. The only thing that you can be sure of is that whatever surprises she has in store, they will be entertaining. Lover Enslaved was definitely no exception.

It should be no surprise that the characters are what made this book so much fun. They were witty, fun, just the right amount of snarky and the supporting characters were just as much fun as Dash and Mara. Of course there were some serious moments too. Both of these characters had been through a lot and they both had their own share of secrets. During the course of this story they both discovered as much about themselves as they did about each other.

The bad guys were despicable, the humor was as smart as it was funny, the characters had depth and there was just enough action to keep everyone happy. I also have to mention that I can’t remember the last time I read a book by Jodi Redford that had quite this much *ahem* tension. By the end of the book I actually felt sorry for Dash. There’s only so much torture a sex crazed Fae should have to endure. 😉

LoverEnslavedAs usual, pay attention to the warning… it’s for real and not an exaggeration. This author knows how to pull out all the stops and keep things interesting until the very last page.

The next book in this series, Lover Enraptured, is sure to be just as much fun as this one. Can’t wait until August 2013!


Breaking Bad by Jodi Redford

No super deed goes unpunished…

A Midnight Justice story.

It’s been twenty-five years since the last Light Guardian was wiped out. Or so it’s believed. Ruby Winston is about to blow the lid off that theory, even though it’ll bring every Shadow Czar minion down on her ass.

She’s always known she was different from the rest of the evil-dictators-in-training Winstons. Uncovering the secret half of her gene pool proves it. Now she’s out to bring down her late father’s mind-control soda empire—and break the Shadow Czars’ hold on Earth.

Problem is, becoming a superhero overnight isn’t as easy as it looks.

Teague Younger has his own secrets to keep: his heritage, and his fierce determination to exact revenge on his friend and mentor’s murderer. So far he’s kept his cover—until he’s forced to use his Light Guardian powers to save Ruby from a sticky situation.

Thrust together and on the run, Teague and Ruby form a wary alliance as they desperately fight their circuit-blowing attraction. With an army of Shadow Queen minions hot on their tails, they might have a hard time surviving the night, much less ignoring their hearts.

Product Warnings
This book contains mind-controlling beverages, evil dictators and minions, excessive use of spandex, and enough electrifying sex to melt an ice train.

Well, Jodi has done it again. I’m honestly not a sci-fi, alien, super-hero kind of reader. Of course, I label myself as an eclectic reader, which I am. There are just some genres I don’t go searching for and this is one of them. Jodi, however, can make any genre interesting, and before you jump to conclusions, no – it isn’t just because of the *ahem* hot and steamy scenes. (Not that they aren’t…. never mind…) The connection that the characters have pulls you into Jodi’s books.

Teague was a loner and wanted to keep it that way. His only goal was to exact revenge and he was driven by guilt. Ruby was coming to terms with power she didn’t even know she had and needed help. They fought their attraction until it became combustible – pretty much literally. That in itself would have been enough of a story, but of course, Jodi had more.

Teague’s connection to his band of misfit friends helped readers connect with him in a way they wouldn’t have been able to if they wouldn’t have been included. Then Ruby’s connection with them brought all their relationships full circle. It was an unlikely group of friends, but the more you got to know them, the more the chemistry worked and made sense. It also added to the fun of the book – and brought out the alpha in Teague. *sigh*

Breaking Bad also had plenty of evil and action. It literally started off with a bang and never really slowed down. The evil characters were really easy to hate and the action scenes were powerful. In short, this book had a little bit of everything. I’m still not going to jump on the sci-fi, alien, super-hero band wagon, but Breaking Bad did convince me (once again) that I will continue to read whatever Jodi Redford comes up with next.

Cat Scratch Fever by Jodi Redford

Who says a wolf can’t make a pussycat purr?

Perfect timing has never been Lilly Prescott’s long suit. Seconds before a showdown with werewolf Dante Morgan, who owns a property that by rights should belong to her, she goes into heat. Not a simple event for a lynx shifter. No, she’s doomed to weeks of frustration that can only be soothed by frequent rolls in the hay—or her hand. Unfortunately, Dante accidentally witnesses the latter.

Left shaken and highly aroused in the snow, Dante can’t believe he’s attracted to the woman who drives him crazy, and not in a good way. Worse, his father has issued an ultimatum. Marry, or abdicate his place as pack leader. On the other hand, it’s the perfect leverage. Lilly will get her land…in exchange for a wedding ring and all the sexual satisfaction she can handle.

Marry Dante? No doubt he’s a poster boy for Hunks ’R’ Us, but he’s rude, arrogant and Lilly’s sworn enemy. Not to mention the thought of losing her independence is frightening as hell.

When they find themselves falling victim to their own charade, though, it’s anything but hell. It’s heaven, and the last thing either of them wants. The real thing.

Product Warnings: This book contains redneck werewolves, inconvenient hormones, and a whole new use for cat toys. Uncontrollable meowing may occur.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1It should be no surprise that I am a fan of paranormal romance. There was a time when that genre for me was synonymous with vampire romance. I have since broadened my horizons, so to speak. Stepping out of my ‘vampire’ comfort zone led me to venture into the vast paranormal world. Who knew that there were so many to chose from? There are a few authors who I know will never disappointment me with a unique twist and just enough heat to make things interesting. Jodi Redford is high on that list of authors. That being said, when she sent out requests to review a new book, how could I possibly refuse? Obviously I couldn’t. 😉

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from Cat Scratch Fever. I’ve read all the books in Jodi’s That Old Black Magic Series and was very familiar with her style of writing and the characters. That series mixes the shifting world with the world of magic and the symbiotic relationship between the two works very well. Cat Scratch Fever is centered strictly around the shifter world, and guess what? It works too!

From the first chapter this book sucked me in. It wasn’t just the heat and tension, and trust me, there was a LOT of heat and tension, but that’s not the only thing that kept me turning pages. The draw and connection between the characters, the mystery, the loyalty of the family and friends and Lilly and Dante’s ultimate love for each other kept me reading. I loved the twists and turns and even though the inherent, obvious evil (of the supernatural variety) wasn’t present there was still enough action and good vs (really, really) bad to make things interesting.

The only complaint that I had at the end of Cat Scratch Fever is that I wanted more. Hopefully Jodi has more planned for Lilly and Dante because they have turned into one of my favorite shifter couples.

Getting Familiar With Your Demon by Jodi Redford – Bout-of-Books 3.0 January Review

He should push her away…but he’d rather have his wicked way with her.

That Old Black Magic, Book 4

After too many years learning death from the inside out as the familiar of a voodoo queen, soul collector Samael Gorasola betrayed his boss, which landed him on demon death row.

He should have known not even his punishment would come easy, but the deal he’s offered to escape his fate stinks. Become the indentured servant to his despised enemy? No thanks, he’d rather be six feet under. With that in mind, he picks a deadly fight with two demon hunters, only to be rescued by one misguided, deliciously innocent white witch.

Marabella hasn’t a clue what possessed her to help Sam, particularly since he’s not the least bit grateful. She blames it on her overwhelming attraction to the dark, dangerous demon, and her exasperating quest to rid herself of the stubborn curse that guards her virginity. If the guild finds out, though, she can kiss her white-witch status goodbye.

A kiss is exactly what she gets, followed by a consuming hunger that breaks down all heavenly and earthly barriers…and leaves Sam saddled with the one thing he never wanted, a conscience, and a connection to Marabella that puts her soul on the line.

Warning: This book contains torturous use of disco music, one sinfully sexy demon who revels in being bad, a virgin witch whose innocence runs more than skin deep, and plenty of wicked, forbidden sex with explosive side effects—literally.

Thanks to Jodi Redford I will never picture a cute little black cat when I think of a witch’s familiar. Of course, thanks to Jodi Redford, I will never look at a lot of things the same way again, but that’s another story entirely. 😉

Getting Familiar With Your Demon is Marabella’s story. Marabella has been around throughout That Old Black Magic Series, but mainly in the background. She’s a loyal friend, a witch who practices white magic and she spends a lot of her time trying to get out from under the control of her mother. She was about the most unlikely witch in her coven to end up falling for a demon. So, logically, that’s exactly who Marabella is destined to end up with. As the story unfolds, the possibility becomes even more unlikely. That’s what makes the books in this series so much fun.

The mythology in these books turns every preconceived notion about witches, shifters, demons and other supernaturals upside down. There’s enough of the familiar there to keep it balanced, but beyond that, there are no rules. Demons aren’t all bad, angels aren’t all good and shifters can be almost any animal imaginable – really. I love that about these books. There are no rules and just when you think you know where the story is going to go, it takes you in another direction entirely.

If you haven’t started That Old Black Magic Series yet, start with That Voodoo You Do. These books aren’t for every reader. (Ahem… those cute little warnings added to the descriptions are for real 😉 ) If, however, you are looking for a good, sexy and different paranormal series it is definitely worth checking out. The stories and plots are good, the guys are hot and there is plenty of mystery, action and romance. A perfect diversion from the norm.

Maximum Witch by Jodi Redford

Who says getting eaten by a shark is a bad thing?

That Old Black Magic, Book 3

Willa Jameson is having one whopper of an identity crisis. Odd memory flashes that aren’t hers. A sultry voice in her head that’s obsessed with sex. Even weirder, she finds herself in the jaws of a rogue leviathan, dragged to the bottom of the ocean—and rescued by a hunky…shark?

The last thing Sheriff Max Truitt expects to find on his daily, deep-Atlantic patrol is a human—especially one who breathes underwater. Compelled to take her home, he waits for the beauty to wake up and reveal her name. Instead he’s treated to a punch in the nose, then a sexy romp hot enough to boil water.

The next morning, embarrassed by the sizzling, scandalous things the voice in her head drove her to do, Willa slips away. But if there’s one thing a determined shark excels at, it’s tracking his favorite meal.

Solving the mystery that is Willa is no simple task. When they finally unlock a dangerous secret hidden deep in her subconscious, it drives a wedge between them…and puts them in a desperate race against an evil that seeks to rain down a watery Armageddon on all mankind.

Warning: This book does not contain sex with a puffer fish. There’s not even sex with a seahorse. However, there’s plenty of smoking-hot lovin’ with a shark. And even a steamy M/F/M threesome. So slap on your snorkels and swim fins, things are about to get wet and wild.

Well, Jodi Redford has done it again. She’s introduced me to a shifter that I never even considered (silly me thought they were all mammals.) She gave me a brand new villain that was super easy to hate. She twisted a familiar character’s reality almost beyond recognition and managed to sneak in some really steamy scenes that made me blush – a lot. Maximum Witch was a very full book indeed.

I really like the spin on shifters that Jodi has given readers in That Old Black Magic series. Mixing the worlds of shifters with witches is a great concept. Although Max isn’t Willa’s familiar the romance still worked just as well for me in Maximum Witch. Jodi’s use of mythology really made the concept real, as strange as that may seem. Maybe it’s because the myths are so familiar? When the extra elements are added it just makes it that much easier to go along with it. Who knows why it works so well, the important part is that it does.

Willa and Max turned out to be a really cute couple. (Yes, the shark was cute… who knew?) Willa is totally unsure of herself because she can’t figure out why someone like Max would be interested in her and Max doesn’t consider himself worthy of her. That would make them the perfect tragic couple, right? You’ll have to pick up the book to find out. I don’t want to give anything away.

There’s also plenty of action in Maximum Witch. That combined with the hot and heavy scenes make it impossible to put down. The supporting characters had depth and the POV changed between characters seamlessly. There were a couple of heart breaking moments thrown in as well so basically there was something for everyone. Well, maybe not for everyone. You’ll have to read the cute little warning above and decide for yourself. 😉

If you haven’t started the That Old Black Magic series yet, check out my reviews of That Voodoo You Do and The Seven Year Witch.

The Seven Year Witch by Jodi Redford

After this much foreplay, something’s bound to combust.

As head mistress of Beaumont coven house, Clarissa Miles has perfected two things: keeping her sister witches from accidentally turning innocent bystanders into toads, and resisting the sexy overtures of her familiar, werewolf Logan Scott.

But her resolve is vanishing—fast. Seven years ago she sold her soul to save her father, and that contract is coming due. The allure of spending her last days indulging in some dirty, naked loving is too tempting to resist.

Logan has patiently ridden out the past seven years, content to do Clarissa’s bidding and ignoring his consuming need to mark her as his. Now that the ban on witch/familiar fraternizing has been lifted, he’s off the leash and ready to launch a full-on sensual assault on her defenses. They’re destined mates, and he’ll do whatever it takes to convince her.

It’s delightfully easy to get her in bed. Get at her heart? Not so much. Especially when a deadly predator stakes its claim on her…and Logan faces a battle not only to win her heart, but save her soul.

Warning: This book contains a villain with more personalities than Sybil, a witch in search of redemption and a dirty-talking werewolf hell-bent on claiming his mate in every wicked, sexy way possible. Spontaneous howling may occur.

The Seven Year Witch is the second book in Jodi Redford’s That Old Black Magic series. It pretty much takes up where the first book in the series, That Voodoo You Do, left off.

I love the mix of paranormals that Jodi has created. The concept of witches and familiars isn’t a new one, but the connection that Jodi’s witches have with their shape shifting familiars is a unique spin. It also leaves the door wide open for territorial, alpha male possessiveness that the author takes full advantage of ~ in very creative ways. (Let’s just say it will be a long time before I drink champagne without certain images coming to mind.) 😉

This book was about two very strong willed, fiercely loyal individuals. We found out at the end of That Voodoo You Do that Logan wanted Clarissa. In The Seven Year Witch we find out exactly how much he wants her and how deep his love goes. I fell in love with Logan’s snarkiness in the first book. He was sarcastic, funny and my original description of him being ‘a mess’ still stands. He was the personification of bad boy. Not at all the character that I expected to be capable of breaking my heart. Well, brace yourself. The pain that both of these characters go through is heart wrenching. Clarissa is in a no win situation and does the only thing she feels she can do to save a loved one. Logan refuses to give up even when he’s pushed away. *sigh*

There’s still a lot of light-hearted banter between the characters. Not to mention the steaminess that you would expect in That Old Black Magic series. There’s a lot of action and the ‘bad guy’ in this one is beyond evil, so basically, there is something for everyone. Well, probably not everyone, but if you read That VooDoo You Do and want to know if the sequel measures up? No worries. Jodi delivers just as much in The Seven Year Witch as she did in the opening book. There is also some nice set-up to the next book in the series, Maximum Witch. I can’t wait to see what Jodi has in store for us next. 😉

That Voodoo You Do by Jodi Redford

Something dead this way comes-

That Old Black Magic, Book 1

For ten long years Griffin Trudeau has managed to keep his paws off Jemma Finnegan, best friend and leading star of his kinkiest fantasies. As her appointed cat familiar, indulging those fantasies with the delectable witch is strictly forbidden. But when Jemma shows up at his door with seduction in mind, control goes right out the window.

Too late he realizes making love to Jemma is the trigger that launches a zombie apocalypse.

Jemma’s been dealt a double whammy: she’s just discovered she’s a witch. And Griff has been hiding whiskers and a tail. Oh, and if her life wasn’t crazy enough, a dead voodoo queen needs her blood to raise a legion of zombies.

There’s one plan that might work to increase Jemma’s powers so she can put an end to the looming holocaust. A sexy threesome with Griff and Logan Scott, a werewolf familiar with a history of rubbing Griff’s fur the wrong way. A cat and a wolf playing nice, much less sharing? It’ll take a miracle.

Warning: A witch, tiger and wolf doing naughty things. A dead voodoo queen doing evil things. And zombies doing zombie things. Get your shovels ready.

I’ve been looking at this book for a while. I’m not sure what the hesitation was. I love PA romance and I’m not afraid of books that are heavy on romance. It wasn’t the zombies either, even though this was my first zombie book. I just hadn’t gotten to that particular group of undead yet. Whatever the reason, I can now call myself a Jodi Redford fan and there is no turning back.

The story revolves around Jemma and Griff. For the record, those of you who get totally frustrated when characters are forced by authors to go through chapters of sexual tension before they are allowed to experience the good stuff – Jodi will be your hero. When the opening line of a book is: “Griffin Trudeau didn’t know it yet, but he was about to have his bones jumped” you can pretty much guarantee there will be no waiting. As much fun as all those steamy and sometimes even tender scenes were, that wasn’t all there was to this story.

I found myself getting lost in Jodi’s writing. It flowed from one voice to the other and the characters were fun. Griff and Jemma were a great couple. Logan was a mess (in a fun and sexy way), the other coven witches were adorable in their own quirky way and the bad guys in this one were really evil and nasty. Pretty much something for everyone. There was a lot of action and a lot of background that made you never question what was happening.

I guess if I had to have one complaint it would only be that it ended too soon. Things were tied up almost too nice and neat at the end. I don’t want to give anything away, so I’m not going to say much more. That may be my observation just because I had so much fun reading it I wasn’t ready for it to end. Never fear though, there are two more books already out in the That Old Black Magic series and I’m sure I will be checking out the others soon.