The Elven King’s Promise (Fated Elves #3) by Devon Vesper

A carefully forged peace is threatened by unforeseen danger.
The prospect of going to college terrifies Dustin, and he balks at using Casersis’s money to do it. Along with his normal, human insecurities, Dustin is beside himself between going to therapy to deal with changing species and worrying about his omega’s upcoming heat. But Dustin is unprepared for the new twist when he accidentally soulbonds with an enemy. Erastus is crazed to get Dustin away from Casersis and will stop at nothing to get his way. 
Casersis is trying his hardest to put Dustin’s mind at ease, despite not understanding the very human hang-ups getting between them. But when his public relations officer attacks him, Casersis’s worries shift from Dustin to those trying to hurt him and his alpha. 
With his mate distracted, Dustin’s new soulbond could cost his relationship with Casersis. Or—even worse—his life. 

I know that I mentioned in my review of The Elven King’s Love that I missed the first book in the Fated Elves series, The Elven King’s Captive. At the time I also mentioned that I felt like I was missing integral parts of the story (Duh!) but it wasn’t too bad and I caught on quickly. Unfortunately, I felt those “missing pieces” even more in The Elven King’s Promise. It didn’t keep me from enjoying the continuation of Cas and Dustin’s story, it was just enough to let me know that there was more to the story. So, if this review is your first introduction to the Fated Elves series and it piques your interest, do yourself a favor and start from the beginning. You can thank me later 😉

Even though Dustin and Cas have come a long in their relationship, they still have some challenges ahead of them. Trust has grown, but there are still those niggling moments of doubt. Not so much about each other, but mostly about themselves and how they stack up to their mate. Cas worries that Dustin will get bored with him and eternity and Dustin worries that he will never be enough. Plus, Dustin is still transitioning, which just adds another layer to everything else that’s going on. As if all that weren’t enough, Erastus is a force that isn’t going to go away. He cares about Dustin and despises Cas. Cas doesn’t trust Erastus either, but neither one of them know the full story about the day that changed the course of both their lives. Throw in someone within Cas’s own ranks trying to cause him harm and it’s no wonder this was a hard one to put down.

I have a feeling things are about to get really interesting. The Elven King’s Forever is next and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

The Elven King’s Love (Fated Elves #2) by Devon Vesper

Casersis has been keeping a secret. And the longer he avoids Dustin’s attempts to pry it out of him, the harder Dustin chisels away at Casersis’s resolve. Throughout this push and pull, Dustin is so bored he’s all but climbing the walls. To battle this, Casersis takes Dustin on a series of long-overdue dates, bringing them closer both emotionally and spiritually.
When Casersis finally admits his secret—that he yearns for a fabled soulbond—he’s surprised that Dustin is completely fine with the idea of eventually trying for one. But when it happens by accident, neither are prepared for the fallout. Dustin still has enough human blood that the soulbond causes excruciating, debilitating flares of agony. And if the fits don’t calm down soon, the soulbond may just kill him.

Sometimes you can get away with not starting a series with the first book, sometimes… not so much. I’d like to say “live and learn” but I’ve done it too often to think that “knowing better” will change old habits. 😉

It didn’t take me long into reading The Elven King’s Love to tell that I was missing something. Evidently The Elven King’s Captive had a lot of back story that would have been helpful in understanding how Dustin and Casersis had gotten to where they were in this book. (Duh!) It wasn’t only the relationship between the two main characters that was important, but the relationship between supporting characters and their history that would have been helpful. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy the continuing story, it just means that those missing pieces were, well… missed. *sigh*

So… other than those missing details (that I will go back and discover shortly), Cas and Dustin were an intriguing couple. Since I always find Fae stories interesting, I enjoyed the little twists added by Fated Mates. That’s basically what this story was about – Caserisis’s longing in battle with his protectiveness over Dustin and his fear that it wasn’t really something that Dustin would want forever.

There’s more to come in the Fated Elves series and I’m determined to keep up now that I’ve started. I’m not sure if the next book in the series will win out over backtracking to the first, so stay tuned!