Deep Cut (Permanently Black and Blue #1) by C.R. Scott

Shaun’s an outsider. He has a dark past and an even darker habit of cutting himself and burying his emotions under his skin. The only thing he’s got going for him is his guitar and a head full of lyrics.
When Jesse moves to town, bringing big bright smiles and warm blue eyes into Shaun’s dark life, he insists they become friends.
But that’s going to be a problem for Shaun. He’s never had a real friend before. Oh, and he’s also finding himself hopelessly attracted to Jesse’s undeniable charm, which is definitely not going to work out.
Being gay isn’t brutal and Shaun has an image to uphold if he’s ever got a shot at becoming the death metal God he knows he’s destined to become.

My initial reaction when I finished Deep Cut was “All I gotta say is that I’m glad I found out that Deep Cut is part of a series before I finished the book.” I can’t really call the ending of Deep Cut a cliff hanger, but there was definitely more story that needed to be told. A LOT more.

Deep Cut was not an easy book to read by any stretch of the imagination. Shaun and Jesse needed each other on a level that even they didn’t fully understand. Jesse didn’t have it easy, but he was a responsible kid. He wasn’t perfect, but he was loved and he was growing up a lot faster than he should have needed to. He needed a break and he needed a chance to be just a little bit irresponsible. Shaun gave him that needed distraction, but he also gave him someone to care about and protect that wasn’t a responsibility – it was something he wanted to do.

Shaun was totally broken and had little or no respect for himself, which made it hard for him to respect anyone else. He was just biding time until he could escape, only you can’t escape your past and that past was haunting Shaun all the time. Jesse is a life line that he didn’t expect and didn’t want, but he was also hard to resist. He made Shaun want to try a little harder and at the same time he made him feel things he didn’t want to feel. Jesse had never met anyone like Shaun before and in the beginning he was a challenge and a curiosity. I had to admire Jesse for not listening to the rumors and standing up for Shaun when it would have been easier to just try to fit in with the “cool” kids.

Like I said, Deep Cut wasn’t an easy book to read, but sometimes those are the ones that need to be read. Books that make you squirm, books that make you hope that you could be someone to make a difference in someone else’s life, books that make you think and feel… those are the ones that stick with you.

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