Found at the Rock Concert (Found #4) by Christi Snow

A wounded rock star, a bodyguard, and a CEO get trapped in a snowed-in cabin…
It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it’s not. This is the start of an epic love story between three men. Three men who have a history twined together with encounters and impressions that have marked their years.
They just never realized how all those brief encounters would eventually change their lives forever.
Daniel, the rock star who survived a plane crash who’s trying to figure out how to live his life without his legs.
Luke, the bodyguard who made so many mistakes and now thinks he doesn’t deserve the man he’s loved for years.
Austin, the CEO who thinks he’s on the outside pulling the strings, but what he doesn’t realize is without him at the core, this relationship will never work…for any of them.
Three men, one snowy winter cabin, one epic love story waiting to be discovered…

I may or may not have mentioned that menage books are not my go-to, but I’ve been known to make an exception or two. Especially when it’s written by an author I trust that’s part of a series I love. So… picking up Found at the Rock Concert was a no brainer.

Although this is labeled as a stand alone, it crosses over a lot of the events that took place in Found at the Jazz Club. Which, by the way, is the perfect set up for a re-read, right? Anyway, since the back-tracking is from a totally different POV, it was just enough to get me back up to speed AND keep the story fresh.

On the surface, Daniel was the broken one in this trio, but really all three of them were broken in their own way. Luke had fought his attraction to Daniel for years and there was a lot miscommunication between the two of them. And then there was Austin. His one encounter with Daniel left an impression. One he never forgot. Regardless of his attraction, he thought that Daniel and Luke were meant for each other. Enough so that he planned an elaborate way to force them together. Luckily fate had other plans. All Austin had to do was trust his heart and the two men he was quickly falling for.

Nothing’s easy when it comes to love and when three hearts are involved it gets even more complicated. I loved the way that the author brought these three together and found a way to help them make it work. ❤

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