Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (Big Bad Wolf #4) by Charlie Adhara

Agent Cooper Dayton and his partner, Oliver Park, are going undercover—at a retreat for couples who need counselling. They do say the best cover story is one that’s close to the truth…
Agent Cooper Dayton is almost relieved to get a phone call from his former boss at the Bureau of Special Investigations. It means a temporary reprieve from tensions created by house hunting with Oliver Park, his partner both in work and in life. Living together in a forever home is exactly what Cooper wants. He’s just not keen on working out the details.
With a former alpha werewolf missing, Cooper and Park are loaned to the BSI to conduct the search at a secluded mountain retreat. The agents will travel to the resort undercover…as a couple in need of counseling.
The resort is picturesque, the grounds are stunning and the staff members are all suspicious as hell.
With a long list of suspects and danger lurking around every cabin, Cooper should be focusing on the case. But he’s always been anxious about the power dynamics in his relationship with Park, and participating in the couples’ activities at the retreat brings it all to the surface. A storm is brewing, though, and Cooper and Park must rush to solve the case before the weather turns. Or before any more guests—or the agents themselves—end up dead.

I adore Cooper and Park and this series gets better with each new addition. It should come as no surprise that Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing was no exception.

Cooper and Park’s relationship has grown serious to the point that they are living together. As much as Cooper loves his apartment, it’s become obvious that, while it’s comfortable for him and Parker isn’t complaining, the cramped space isn’t exactly practical. While he agrees that they need a new place and can’t wait to take their relationship to the next level, the options that Park has given him so far aren’t places that Cooper can see himself living. So yeah, there was underlying tension, which is why he had no problem abandoning the house hunting for some time away, even if it was for work.

And… even though it was for work, both Park and Cooper came to some revelations about themselves – both individually and as a couple. Cooper faced some of his fears and Park did as well. They grew as a couple without even expecting it to happen. Some of their realizations were a little heartbreaking, but it helped them heal old wounds they had almost forgotten about.

There was so much to love about Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. The romance, the danger, the mystery and most of all how all of it just brought these two closer. I can’t wait to see what Charlie Adhara has in store for Cooper and Park next. ❤

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