Love on the Spectrum by Alec Nortan

LoveOnTheSpectrumHervé has Asperger’s, a specific kind of autism that makes him unable to interact with other people.
Luc has been severely scarred by fire and flees human presence to avert the way people glare and frown when they see him.
It was impossible for them to meet, but life sometimes likes to cheat the odds. Is it just a trick or a way to bring together two men who could be each other’s lifeline?

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1Such a sweet, sweet story. Both Hervé and Luc have the cards stacked against them. Luc is broken and Hervé is resigned. Neither one of them is looking for love, they’re basically trying to live as normal a life as they can by simply trying to fit in as best they can.

I fell in love with both of these characters immediately. They were just trying so hard to be “normal” – whatever that is. Both of them spent their lives on the outside, looking in. On a chance meeting their lives and their outlooks changed. It wasn’t easy and they had to really work at it, but they saw in each other what no one else really did.

This is my first read by Alec Nortan, but I will definitely be checking out more of his work.


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