Tied to Home (Ames Bridge #3) by Silvia Violet (Bout-of-Books 24 Review)

Luke Sumner has spent his whole life being coddled, after nearly dying as an infant. At twenty-one, he is more than ready to break free from his restricted world. He hasn’t told anyone he’s gay, and he’s only just admitted his kinkier needs to himself, but he hopes to work up the courage to say something to the older man who has captured his attention.
Since moving back to Ames Bridge, Jack Lawrence has been consumed with running a successful bed-and-breakfast. He hasn’t considered making time for relationships until he starts flirting with Luke each week at the farmers’ market. By the end of the summer, Jack is wondering where the spark between them could go.
When Luke finally ventures into a club where he can fulfill his desires, he unexpectedly runs into Jack, and they discover they’re a perfect match in the bedroom. With each hot encounter, more tender feelings surface, but between the age gap, not being out in Ames Bridge, and Luke’s need to come into his own, do they dare be more to each other?

I tagged this one as BDSM, because it is – after all, they’re first real encounter took place in a club. It’s also the main focus at the beginning of their relationship, but it’s not hard-core and there’s a lot more to the story. I guess my point is, don’t let that scare you away from this one. 😉

Luke and Jack had a lot stacked against them from the time they even thought about getting involved. Their age gap was the most obvious along with the fact that they were gay men in a town that held a rather opinionated population of prejudiced individuals. The other problem was that his parents hovered over him and treated him like a child along with most of Ames Bridge. He may have been 21 but they all still pictured him as the sickly child who almost didn’t make it.

Jack remembered Luke when he was that small child, but that’s not how he pictured him when he came back to Ames Bridge. He only saw a young man that he was attracted to and that attraction went both ways. They spent a lot of time in their own personal bubble and the more time they spent together the more they realized that they both wanted more. Of course they couldn’t stay in that bubble forever and once it burst reality set in for both of them.

The supporting characters were great and readers who have followed the Ames Bridge series so far will recognize a couple of familiar faces. There are at least a few level headed people in Ames Bridge and it was great seeing them again… 😉

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