Love at the Lupine Bakery (Trillium Creek #0.5) by Silvia Violet

Finn is focused on continuing the success of his family’s bakery. Eventually, he’ll settle down with an alpha and start a family, but for now, he’s content to satisfy his needs with casual hook-ups. Then a gorgeous stranger walks into the bakery, and Finn’s whole world shifts.
Levi’s father was a wolf shifter, but he was raised by his human mother and—like most hybrids—has never shown any wolf characteristics. That all changes when he enters Lupine Bakery and every instinct tells him the omega behind the counter is his.
Both Finn and Levi try to ignore what their hearts and bodies are telling them, but an unexpected pregnancy may force them to face what fate has in store.

If you’ve spent any time at all perusing this blog you may have noticed (if you didn’t guess by the tag-line) that I’m an eclectic reader. I have my favorite genres and authors, but I’m not afraid to take a step outside my comfort zone. That’s exactly how I stumbled into the M/M genre to begin with. I started with a book that had a paranormal/fantasy aspect because it’s one of my favorites and the rest, as they say, is history. So, why the segue into this review? I know that I’ve read at least one other MPreg story, but I can’t remember which one. It’s obviously not one of those genres I seek out. But, when an author I follow that has written both contemporary and paranormal books that I love, I’m willing to give something I might otherwise shy away from at least a shot. Silvia Violet is one of those authors. I loved her Wild R Farm series, so when I found out that she was starting another Shifter series, I was intrigued. Since Love at Lupine Bakery was a free short offered during a Halloween Giveaway, I thought, why not? Turns out I think I may have found a new favorite Silvia Violet series 😉

Finn was adorable and so was Levi – in an Alpha sort of way. They were the perfect couple to start this series with since all the world building was naturally explained to readers by way of filling Levi in on a world he knew little or nothing about. The supporting characters were just as interesting as Finn and Levi and I can’t wait to get to know them better as the series continues. I really hope that readers get more of Finn and Levi though because as much as I loved Love at the Lupine Bakery, I wanted more. *sigh*

Oh, and if you picked up Love at the Lupine Bakery during the Halloween Giveaway, you may have noticed a cover change. As the series continues, this book will be available for purchase and the cover’s been updated to match the rest of the Trillium Creek series. FYI – the new cover’s as adorable as Finn and Levi’s story ❤

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