The Reward (Lessons in Control #3) by Jade A. Waters

It’s been a year since Dean Sova turned Maya Clery’s world inside out. There isn’t a secret fantasy that Maya and Dean haven’t explored—each one more tantalizing and mind-blowing than the last. But while their relationship may be stronger than ever, taking the next step pushes boundaries neither one of them is prepared to face.
Dean couldn’t care less about Maya’s background—all her choices made her the woman he wants to tie to his bed and never let go. But not even a Dom as strong as Dean can keep the past at bay. When a threat from Maya’s old life surfaces, she’ll have to choose once and for all: fight for freedom under Dean’s command, or lose the reward she’s worked so hard for—the chance to be happy with the man she loves.

This series has been on and off for me. The Assignment was intriguing and The Discipline was slightly annoying as well as frustrating. The Reward brought things full circle and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised that I was happy with the way Jade A. Waters wrapped things up for Maya and Dean.

I’ve gotta say that I was kind of worried when I read the description. Part of the reason why I’ve had any issues at all with the relationship between Dean and Maya was because of their lack of communication. Things did get a little tense in The Reward, but it appears that they learned their lesson about protecting each other and themselves from the truth – past and present. This couple has come a long way since their first meeting and initial ‘play.’ The erotic aspect of their relationship wasn’t quite as ‘front and center’ in The Reward, which was okay. It was still there, because that was a big part of their dynamic. They grew as individuals as well as a couple, which is what I always hope for in a contemporary series. 


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