One Night with Rhodes (One Night #4) by Eden Finley

Blair Rhodes considers himself an equal opportunity player. He knew from a young age that he wasn’t entirely straight. Ogling his best friend’s older brother was the first thing that tipped him off. But Garrett Erikson is off limits. Always has been. Garrett is as straight as they come.
Garrett’s reputation as a womaniser precedes him, but it’s not who he is. Not even close. And when Blair turns up on his doorstep, heartbroken over a breakup, Garrett knows it’s a bad idea to go drinking with him.
One night is all it takes for everything to change.
For the past ten years, Garrett’s denied his desires to everyone, including himself.
And as much as Blair wants to be the guy Garrett needs, he needs to protect his own heart. Like his ex-boyfriend always told him: “Never mess with the straight ones. It only leads to trouble.”

I actually almost skipped this one, I think mainly because I hadn’t read the other books in the series. Then, one of my fellow bloggers gave One Night with Rhodes such a great review I couldn’t resist. 😉

Since I haven’t read the rest of the books in the One Night series, I’m not sure how the earlier books played out. The title and description may elude to ‘one night’ but this book covered a lot more than that. It was actually made up of many ‘one nights’. It sounds kind of confusing, I know, but once you read the book, it will make total sense.

The thing that struck me most about One Night with Rhodes was the patience and caring that Blair expressed for Garrett. He was there for him, even when he knew that it would hurt him to walk away. He did his best to protect his heart and still keep Garrett from crumbling and hurting himself. Blair was determined to help Garrett find himself and come out healthy and whole in the process. I also loved their friends and family. Even though they were totally clueless when it came to Blair’s orientation, they still cared.

One Night with Rhodes also had a slightly unique format that I kinda liked. The book opened and closed with pretty much the same scene, but a lot happened in between, which meant that most of the book was set in the past. It gave the story a slightly different perspective.

I also have to mention that even though this is the 4th book in the One Night series, it can easily be a stand alone. Characters from the previous books are a huge part of Garrett and Blair’s story, but there is a lot of back story in One Night with Rhodes that help keep readers up to speed. That doesn’t mean that I’m not curious about those first 3 books. It also doesn’t mean that I’m not seriously thinking about continuing the series. The next couple has definitely peaked my curiosity 😉



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