The Assignment (Lessons in Control #1) by Jade A. Waters

assignmentWhat would you do if someone offered to fulfill your wildest fantasies?
Dean Sova is everything Maya Clery craves. From the first touch, their connection is intense. After leaving her troubled past behind, Maya thought she was happy—she is happy—but meeting Dean forces her to acknowledge dark needs she longs to explore yet has never had the courage to face.
Her perfect match, Dean encourages Maya to set loose the submissive urges inside her in a series of assignments intended to open her mind and test the limits of pleasure…but Maya isn’t sure she can fully let go of her inhibitions.
What would you do if someone offered to fulfill your wildest fantasies?
The answer seems obvious. You take the offer and hope the price isn’t too high.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1The description pretty much says it all, but The Assignment was still more than I expected.

Maya wasn’t looking for a relationship when she met Dean at her friends’ party. She definitely wasn’t looking for a fantasy lover, but Dean was more than she bargained for. The heat between these two was combustible.

The ‘assignments’ that Dean gave Maya gave this story a unique twist that definitely kept things interesting. Dean wasn’t exactly a Dom, but he was the one in control… until things spiraled out of control. At one point I got kind of aggravated with both characters. Dean because he was a little irresponsible with his control and Maya for not being totally honest. Dean’s obvious worry and devotion finally won me over though.

Jade A. Waters has a great start to her Lessons in Control series and Dean and Maya’s story continues in The Discipline. I can’t wait to see where their story goes…




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