At Odds with the Midwife (Oklahoma Girls #1) by Patricia Forsythe

atoddswiththemidwifeGemma has always been a rescuer. Birds with broken wings, abandoned baby raccoons…anything that needs help. But when it comes to her lifelong crush, doctor Nathan Smith, she has to curb her natural instincts. All of them. Nathan doesn’t trust midwives, and he doesn’t want her help.
Back in town to restore the community hospital his father bankrupted, Nathan’s just as determined to shut down the birthing center. How can Gemma Whitmire save her center and prove Nathan–and the other critics–wrong? And more important, how can she stop falling for him?

At Odds with the Midwife was a sweet, kinda predictable romance, but sometimes sweet is just what you need.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1Gemma was my favorite in this romance, but Nathan kind of grew on me… eventually. The title most definitely fit the story because this couple was at odds with each other more than they weren’t. I spent a lot of time in At Odds with the Midwife being aggravated at Nathan. It was hard not to sympathize with him though. He was trying to make up for what his dad had done and not everyone was supportive. What aggravated me most was that he seemed to push away the people that supported him most and not just Gemma. It’s a good thing she was so persistent.

All in all, At Odds with the Midwife was a great intro to the Oklahoma Girls series.



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