Wolf’s Clothing (Legend Tripping #2) by E.J. Russell

wolfsclothingWhat do you do when you finally prove the existence of the otherworld, but the ghosts kick your ass?
For Trent Pielmeyer, the answer is run like hell—away from his hostile family, away from the disbelieving cops, and far, far, far away from anything that smacks of the supernatural. After seven years’ captivity in a whacked-out alternate dimension, he is so over legend tripping.
When Christophe Clavret spots Trent in a Portland bar, he detects a kindred spirit—another man attempting to outrun the darkness of his own soul. But despite their sizzling chemistry, Trent’s hatred of the uncanny makes Christophe hesitant to confide the truth: he’s a werewolf, one of a dwindling line, the victim of a genetic curse extending back to feudal Europe.
But dark forces are at work, threatening more than their growing love. If Christophe can’t win Trent’s trust, and if Trent can’t overcome his fear of the paranormal, the cost could be Trent’s freedom and Christophe’s humanity. Or it might be both their lives.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1Oh, I really liked this one. I really wish that I would have picked up Stumptown Spirits first, but the good news is that other than introducing some characters, I don’t think I missed too much.

My first love, when it comes to romance, is definitely paranormal, so I’ve read my fair share of werewolf books. I love it when any paranormal book introduces a new twist on familiar mythology and Wolf’s Clothing does just that.

Beyond E.J. Russell’s “twist”, I loved Christophe and Trent together. The bond that formed between them was even more special given Trent’s previous experience with the supernatural world. Danger, mystery, humor and some crazy mixed up family drama was thrown into the mix that kept the pages turning right up until the end. I’m hoping that there’s more to come in this series, but regardless, I’m going back to the beginning of the Legend Tripping series to play catch up eventually.



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