Gambling on Love by Jane Davitt

gamblingonloveWhen Gary and Abe came out to each other in their final year of high school, a longstanding friendship turned into a new love. Keeping their feelings a secret was easy until a coach caught them together in the locker room, and their fragile relationship shattered around them. Panicked, angry, and rejected by his mother, Gary fled town, breaking Abe’s eighteen-year-old heart.
Eleven years later Gary returns just as unexpectedly, crashing into Abe’s truck during a blizzard. He’s as arrogant and stubborn as ever—and just as irresistible. Time has changed them both in ways they never imagined, but the heat that flares between them is enough to thaw any ice.
While Abe discovers what Gary did to survive in the city, Gary realizes that Abe has grown into a man with needs to match his own, and they fall in love all over again. But Gary’s determination to carry out one final order from the rich, older man he lived with—and obeyed—for years means that a dead man’s plans might split them apart again . . . this time for keeps.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1Gambling on Love opens when Gary and Abe are teens just discovering their long term friendship has the potential to be something more.  Unfortunately, just like most teens, they got careless and got caught. Gary lost his home and his family and they both lost their best friend.

The next time they meet is 11 years later and neither one of them is expecting it. They end up stranded in a snow storm and inevitably work their way back into each others’ hearts.  They use the time that they are literally stuck together to get to know each other all over again. Things about their past are revealed. Some things are forgiven, but Abe still holds onto some resentment when it comes to Gary’s plans.

I really liked this book, but my one complaint is that Abe and Gary couldn’t seem to get past their… well past. They were young and impulsive and they were both hurt. I didn’t expect them to immediately forgive each other, but a little understanding would have been better than the resentment that neither one of them couldn’t let go of. *sigh*




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