Counterbalance by Aidan Wayne

counterbalance_600x900John loves his job as head rigger for Cirque Brilliance. The heavy scarring over half his face makes it a little hard to meet new people, but John’s got a good crew and a nice found family, and he’s content with his lot in life.
When Cirque hires talent for a new show, John meets Bao, a bright, ever-cheerful acrobat. Bao seems drawn to John and becomes a constant presence at his side—talking to him during downtime, spending time with him at lunch, and generally seeking out his company.
John doesn’t know what to make of this. Sure, he likes Bao—maybe a little too much, honestly—but he’s had enough experience to know that Bao couldn’t possibly like him back. Or so he thinks, anyway. Fortunately, Bao seems determined to prove him wrong.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t realize that I had already read an Aidan Wayne book before I requested this one for review. I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad since this was only his second book, but still. *sigh*

The good news is that I now know who to look for when I’m in the mood for a short, sweet romance. I loved his first book, Loud and Clear, as you can tell from my review. He seems to have a knack for taking broken characters and making them realize they aren’t quite as broken as they thought. In Counterbalance, John may be content, but there’s definitely something missing. He never expected Bao – who was absolutely adorable, by the way.

John’s history is heartbreaking and the fact that Bao was as angry about what happened to him as I was made me love him even more. The setting was interesting and the supporting characters added a lot to helping readers get to know John and Bao a little better.

I may not have remembered this author’s name before, but I will definitely be on the lookout for what he has in store for readers next.



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