The Mystery of Nevermore (Snow & Winter #1) by C.S. Poe

mysteryofnevermoreIt’s Christmas, and all antique dealer Sebastian Snow wants is for his business to make money and to save his floundering relationship with closeted CSU detective, Neil Millett. When Snow’s Antique Emporium is broken into and a heart is found under the floorboards, Sebastian can’t let the mystery rest.
He soon finds himself caught up in murder investigations that echo the macabre stories of Edgar Allan Poe. To make matters worse, Sebastian’s sleuthing is causing his relationship with Neil to crumble, while at the same time he’s falling hard for the lead detective on the case, Calvin Winter. Sebastian and Calvin must work together to unravel the mystery behind the killings, despite the mounting danger and sexual tension, before Sebastian becomes the next victim. 
In the end, Sebastian only wants to get out of this mess alive, and live happily ever after with Calvin.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1Okay, I admit it. I’m a sucker when it comes to any modern prose that even hints at Edgar Allan Poe. I don’t go in search of it, but when it shows up, it most definitely makes me pay attention. That in itself was enough to make me love The Mystery of Nevermore. The mystery, romance and endearing characters were a welcome bonus. 😉

Sebastian was adorable, plain and simple. He had a great personality, he was just a little quirky and he had a love of mystery novels that had a tendency to get him in trouble when he played sleuth in real life situations. He also had a boyfriend who was enough of a jerk that made Sebastian cheating on him almost forgivable. Almost.

Then there was Calvin. I mentioned when I finished The Mystery of Nevermore that one little thing bothered me enough to keep me from giving this one a full 5 stars and Calvin was a big part of that. He was a big, bad, borderline scary detective showed absolutely no interest in Sebastian whatsoever and then Wham! Trust me, it took Sebastian by surprise too. That doesn’t mean that Sebastian was complaining, neither was I really, it just seemed like there should have been a little bit more build up, or at least a hint, or something? Other than that… and the cheating – which both Sebastian and Calvin knew was wrong, but that doesn’t make it any better – the rest of the story was great.

I loved the mystery, which turned into a pretty good who-dun-it, at least for me. The supporting characters were great and added a lot to the story. The Poe references didn’t stop with the hidden heart and most definitely kept things interesting. I kind of wish there would have been more to the story, but once I realized this is the first in a series I was fine with how things ended. This was also my first C.S. Poe read, but even without know that there’s more to come between Calvin and Sebastian, it won’t be my last.



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