Adulting 101 by Lisa Henry

Adulting101_600x900The struggle is real.
Nick Stahlnecker is eighteen and not ready to grow up yet. He has a summer job, a case of existential panic, and a hopeless crush on the unattainable Jai Hazenbrook. Except how do you know that your coworker’s unattainable unless you ask to blow him in the porta-potty?
That’s probably not what Dad meant when he said Nick should act more like an adult.
Twenty-five-year-old Jai is back in his hometown of Franklin, Ohio, just long enough to earn the money to get the hell out again. His long-term goal of seeing more of the world is worth the short-term pain of living in his mother’s basement, but only barely.
Meeting Nick doesn’t fit in with Jai’s plans at all, but, as Jai soon learns, you don’t have to travel halfway around the world to have the adventure of a lifetime.
This is not a summer romance. This is a summer friendship-with-benefits. It’s got pizza with disgusting toppings, Netflix and chill, and accidental exhibitionism. That’s all. There are no feelings here. None. Shut up.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1I love the snarky, fun side of Lisa Henry. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the dark edginess of When all the World Sleeps (co-authored by J.A. Rock) but I didn’t become a full fledged fan until I read The Two Gentlemen of Altona (also co-authored by J.A. Rock) which was the first book in their Playing the Fool trilogy. Now I find myself wanting to check out the rest of this author’s books.

By the description you can tell which category Adulting 101 falls into. I absolutely loved Nick, even though some of his choices made me cringe. He could definitely be described as someone who didn’t look before he leaped. The only problem with this whole story that I had was that Jai seemed to have a pretty level head. He also had a long-term goal that made it important to keep his job, so why did he end up in that porta-potty with Nick? Regardless of why, I’m glad he did. Otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten to know Nick and readers wouldn’t have been treated to this fun story.

The more I got to know Nick, the more I liked him. He wasn’t nearly as scatterbrained as I first thought, but then I started thinking about it. Don’t we all know someone who just jumps into life with everything they’ve got? A person who has a totally different view on things and if you really pay attention can help you look at things like you’ve never looked at them before. Someone who lets every thought in their head at times flow out of their mouth and not think twice about it? That’s how I saw Nick. It’s much easier to love those people than to try to reign them in and why would you want to? It was fun watching Jai come to that realization about Nick.

Every once in a while, reading something light, fun and sweet is necessary and Adulting 101 was the perfect book to fill that need. Enjoy!