Crushing on the Cowboy (Rodeo Dreamers #3) by Sarah M. Anderson

CrushingOnTheCowboyAs The Heartbreak Kid, Mitch Jenner is known as the biggest womanizer of all the rodeo cowboys—but it’s just an act to keep himself safe. In fact, Mitch is so afraid of coming out that he’s opted to stay single—and a virgin. He’s fine with being alone…until he meets the mysterious Paulo.
Paulo Bernardes is here to learn the American style of bull riding well enough to teach it back home in Brazil. A namorado—a boyfriend—will distract him from his goal, but he’s captivated by Mitch, who understands him even when they don’t speak the same language. In return, Paulo wants Mitch to accept himself—and their relationship.
In private, Mitch yields to his attraction to Paulo and is rewarded with a heat and tenderness he comes to crave. But he still fears exposing their relationship. And as they grow closer, Paulo wonders how he’ll live without Mitch once their time together is up—how he’ll pick up the pieces of his heart when it’s time to say goodbye.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1This is the first book by Sarah M. Anderson that I’ve read. Even though there seems to be a little bit of confusion about exactly where this book falls in the Rodeo Dreamers series, I don’t think it makes much difference what order you read the books.

The description pretty much says it all. Mitch uses his womanizing reputation as a cover for his attraction to men. For the most part it works, but Paulo sees what others don’t. Paulo may not have time for a romance, but he can’t seem to resist Mitch and is confused by his need to hide who he really is. Their attraction is heated and the language barrier between them adds to both the mystery and the confusion.

I liked the story for the most part. The natural hesitance jumped to instant heat a lot faster than I expected. This one came in at only about 138 pages, which might have been the problem. I think that if the story was just a little bit longer and gave the characters more to build on I might have enjoyed it even more. *sigh*