Roped In by Marie Sexton & L.A. Witt

RopedIn_600x900Graham and his roping partner, Jackson, have been friends since they were boys. They’ve ruled the rodeo scene for ten years running, but lately, Graham’s heart isn’t in the game. He’s tired of the bruises, the cowboy mentality, and the animal rights activists who picket every event. He’s also tired of being in love with Jackson, and nothing’s been the same between them since their disastrous drunken encounter the year before.
Then Graham has a run-in with one of the rodeo protesters, and everything changes. Kaz is young, idealistic, and sexy as hell. But he’s also a know-it-all, animal-loving vegan, bent on saving the world one cow at a time. They have next to nothing in common, but Graham can’t stop thinking about what might happen if they can stop butting heads long enough to give it a try. Unfortunately, no matter how attracted Graham is to other men, he always panics and runs when the clothes start to come off. But Kaz has an idea for getting Graham past his nerves and into bed.
All they need is a bit of rope.
(Note: This is a re-edited second edition of a previously published title.)

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1It’s always an added bonus when two authors that you follow collaborate. Even though this is a re-make of a previous title, I missed it the first time around. It’s not the first Sexton/Witt collaboration I’ve read and you’ll be happy to know that it won’t be the last. 😉

I’ve said before that BDSM isn’t my go-to genre, but every once in a while, especially if it’s written by an author (or in this case authors) that I really like, I take a chance. Roped In is one of those books. If you’re like me and not really into anything hard core when it comes to the genre, or if you’re not sure, Roped In is fairly tame. That doesn’t mean that it’s not full of smexiness… far from it.

There’s no reason why a relationship between a rodeo cowboy and an animal rights activist could even be close to compatible. Somehow this writing duo made it work. I loved Kaz’s energy and his compassion. I also loved his ability to keep an open mind when Graham offered to show him that he may be wrong about his opinion on some things. There was a lot to love about Graham too. I loved his willingness to take the time to show Kaz that there were some things he should know before condemning every cowboy. I was also really happy that he gave Kaz a chance to show him a thing or two. 😉 Basically, Roped In was a sweet, unexpected love story that ended a lot sooner than I was ready for. ❤




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