The Long Night by Jessica Scott – Bout-of-Books 16 Review

LongNightWhatever it takes, just come home to me. Promise me, Sam. 
In eight months, Staff Sergeant Sam Brown will become a father. But first, he has to survive his fourth tour in Iraq. On his last night home, he tries to pretend that everything is fine, that the war is fine, that his life is fine. 
But as he returns to the war zone, things are anything but fine and the promise he made to his fiancé takes on a desperate edge. As things spiral down, Sam starts to wonder about that promise. 
How high is the price he will pay when the long night comes to an end?

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1First, let me start by saying, if you’ve read any books by Jessica Scott before The Long Night, the story itself is NOTHING close to those books. Don’t mistake this for a warning to not read The Long Night. The author’s signature style is still there. Her ability to give readers a dose of the reality that soldiers face is front and center. Although there is an obvious element of romance between Sam and Faith, The Long Night is far from the military romance that Scott normally writes. That didn’t make me love this story any less.

Sam is not only broken, he’s torn. He wants to be a good soldier, a good son and a good fiancé and he feels like he’s failing at all three. He’d love nothing more than to leave the war behind and stay with Faith, but his sense of duty won’t let him. That sense of honor and duty also make it hard to make a promise he knows he can’t keep. A promise that haunts him in more ways than one.

Haunting is a pretty good description for The Long Night. Scott is known for her honest portrayal of military life, both the good and the bad parts. She holds nothing back in Sam’s story and to be honest, parts of this book are hard to read because of that realism. This story was heartbreaking and more than a little suspenseful. There were still some light moments interspersed within all the craziness. There were also a couple of surprising twists that took the story in a direction that I didn’t expect, but it totally fit with the whole feel of The Long Night.

So… don’t go into this expecting a heated romance framed by the reality of war and military life. It’s definitely a book that I’m glad I read. If you’re a fan of Jessica Scott’s writing style and her ability to bring her war heroes alive through words and tug at your heart, you won’t be disappointed.



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