Jury of One (Lindenshaw Mysteries #2) by Charlie Cochrane

JuryOfOneInspector Robin Bright is enjoying a quiet Saturday with his lover, Adam Matthews, when murder strikes in nearby Abbotson, and he’s called in to investigate. He hopes for a quick resolution, but as the case builds, he’s drawn into a tangled web of crimes, new and old, that threatens to ensnare him and destroy his fledgling relationship.
Adam is enjoying his final term teaching at Lindenshaw School, and is also delighted to be settling down with Robin at last. Only Robin doesn’t seem so thrilled. Then an old crush of Adam’s shows up in the murder investigation, and suddenly Adam is yet again fighting to stay out of one of Robin’s cases, to say nothing of trying to keep their relationship from falling apart.
Between murder, stabbings, robberies, and a suspect with a charming smile, the case threatens to ruin everything both Robin and Adam hold dear. What does it take to realise where your heart really lies, and can a big, black dog hold the key?

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1I absolutely loved the first book in the Lindenshaw Mysteries, The Best Corpse for the Job. I was such a fun, quirky read. I was even more excited when I got to the end and found out that it was going to be part of a series. When Jury of One was offered for review, I requested it immediately.

So, first, I need to say that if you haven’t read The Best Corpse for the Job, you don’t need to worry. It works great as a stand alone. Second, if you’ve read The Best Corpse for the Job, Jury of One isn’t quite as quirky. Was I disappointed? Not in the slightest. It was still a sweet little romance with more than a couple of mysteries to solve along the way. The characters were still well developed and likable. Once again I found myself enjoying my time spent with Adam and Robin. What more could I ask for in a sequel?

Robin and Adam have settled into a semi-comfortable relationship, but they still have some wrinkles to iron out. Any problems that crop up in Jury of One stem from the fact that neither one of these charming, witty men believe they deserve the other. Honestly, seeing them stumble just a little makes me love them even more.

Once again, their canine friend steals the show by saving the day. Adam does something without thinking about the consequences and the bad guy isn’t who anyone really expected. I’m really hoping that there’s more to come because I’m really enjoying my time with Adam and Robin 😉