A Kiss of Silver (Tales from Beyond the Veil #2) by Amos Cassidy

AKissOfSilverAn Ebony Forest.
A woman on the run.
A curse that becomes a destiny.

Silver’s life is unremarkable. No special talent, no real friends, just the respect and pampering that comes with the position of clan leaders’ daughter. The life of a Dryad is simple, peaceful, but for Silver it just isn’t enough. With a betrothed that gets her pulse racing, and her nuptials imminent, she should have everything to look forward to, but danger is on the horizon and Silver is soon running for her life. Little does she know that her path leads directly into the arms of a destiny she could have never envisioned. 
Silver is left with a choice. Break a curse or perish trying…

I love twisted fairy tales and the series of novellas in Tales from Beyond the Veil, so far has twisted some of those familiar tales splendidly. 😉

As with most tales, nothing is quite what it seems and Silver learns that the hard way. She ends up running away from people she’s trusted all her life. Not only that, but she’s running in the direction that most people, including herself, avoid at all costs.

There’s more than one ‘hero’ in A Kiss of Silver and it’s hard to be happy for one and against the other. I have a feeling that neither of their stories are quite over. Speaking of which, I suppose you don’t have to read the novellas in order, or even read all of them, but I’d recommend doing it anyway. Start with Scarlett’s Path and follow the progression. One of them builds on the other, which becomes obvious once you get to Ash Rising… stay tuned.


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