Cipher (Southern Arcana Book #4) by Moira Rogers

CipherKat Gabriel’s empathic ability is no gift–it’s a deadly weapon. She’s used it once, in a bloody confrontation to save Andrew Callaghan’s life. Now she bears the inescapable weight of those deaths—and aches for the loss of the easy relationship she once shared with Andrew. Unleashing her power may have saved his life, but it couldn’t save his humanity. Or their friendship. 
Since the attack that turned him into a werewolf, Andrew’s sole focus has been on making himself stronger. Pushing Kat away hurt like hell, but she doesn’t need a friend. She needs a protector strong enough to shield her from the supernatural world that forced her to kill. Strong enough to resist their volatile connection. 
As Kat’s quest to understand the violent legacy of her past leads her into the darkest underbelly of the psychic world, Andrew is at her side. Yet every step forward rips open old emotional wounds and shakes his control. Where they’re headed, distractions of any kind can be fatal—especially when the greatest threat they pose is to each other.

So, it’s been a while. Since 2013 to be exact… Yikes! Yep, that’s when I read Deadlock, the third book in Moira Roger’s Southern Arcana series. I could come up with an excuse for that time lapse I suppose, but honestly, there isn’t a good one, especially since I love this series. *sigh*

Saying that Kat and Andrew have a history is putting it mildly. Kat has had a crush on him since before the tragedy that tore them apart. Kat was afraid to be near anyone and so was Andrew. They were both afraid that they couldn’t keep an handle on the power that they spent 24/7 keeping in check. The down side was that they were making each other and themselves miserable trying to keep their distance. In Cipher, they had no choice and Andrew was determined to keep Kat safe, whether he was ready to be close to her or not.

Yeah, this romance was a long time coming, but there was a lot more to this story than that. Politics, mystery and an unexpected enemy that proves to be more dangerous than any of them could imagine. Kat learns more about her past and her heritage and not everyone makes it out in one piece, physically or emotionally. Which means I really need to get my hands on Impulse sooner rather than later. I don’t think I can wait another three years to find out what happens next.



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