Dead Sexy (Pinnacle Point #2) by Kelly Apple – Bout-of-Books 15 Review

DeadSexyWhen his ghostly cousin tells him there’s an open position at the PI firm where he works, Zane Harker jumps at the chance. There aren’t many places willing to hire a zombie and being dead hasn’t stopped the bills from piling up.

His new gig has a lot of perks, not the least of which is his current job guarding the delectable Maisie Banks after she receives death threats for her PR campaign to lure supernaturals to the small town of Pinnacle Point. The feisty brunette is a handful who spends her days arranging photo shoots of half-naked couples for her next PR push.

He might be a zombie, but spending day in and day out watching beautiful people make out for the camera reminds him his libido is alive and kicking. And Maisie doesn’t seem the least disgusted by his lack of a pulse. If anything, he thinks it makes her like him even more.

He might have a job to do, but no one said he couldn’t enjoy himself while doing it.

Warning: This book contains a zombie. Not a gross one. A gorgeous one. And just because he doesn’t have a properly beating heart doesn’t mean he can’t perform admirably. Maisie certainly doesn’t have any complaints.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1I’m not a zombie fan… there, I said it. I chalk it up to my husband making me watch Night of the Living Dead and the rest of those ‘Dead’ movies. *shivers* That doesn’t mean I haven’t put my big girl pants on and read a few zombie books, but I’m still not a fan. So why would I pick up a zombie romance? I figured if anyone could turn a supernatural creature that freaks me out more than any other into a sexy, drool-worthy character it would be Kelly Apple. Zane didn’t disappoint. 😉

Throw into the mix the expected witty characters and the heat between Maisie and Zane and Dead Sexy is the perfect quick, fun, smexy, late-night read. Can’t wait to see what’s next in Pinnacle Point…



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