Monstrous Tales: Volume 2 by Kelly Apple

MonstrousTales2Ari Colton’s always been a little different. She has a thing for monsters of all shapes and sizes, but she’s resigned herself to loving them only in her dreams. That is, until the day she’s abducted by one and finds an entire supernatural world right under her nose.
Now she has all the monsters she can handle and she’s loving every minute of it.
This bundle contains books 4-6 in the Monstrous Tales series and a never before published short story.

I may or may not have recently gone on a Monstrous Tales reading binge. In all fairness, once I stared I couldn’t stop.

Also, I was perfectly happy reading about Ari’s ‘monstrous’ sexipades while waiting for her green lover to come back, but then Kelly Apple threw readers a curve… who knew?

The Wicked Merman
WickedMermanWhen her friend drags her off to the lake for some much needed R&R, Ari thought she’d be getting away from supernaturals for a few days. Sunning and swimming sound divine and it might help her shake off the funk of being parted from her beloved Guardian.
But when a girl who loves monsters ends up at a lake housing a merman, she’s going to end up doing a lot more than swimming.
Ari can’t resist trying to find the answer to the age-old question: How do mermen have sex?
This wicked merman is more than happy to give her some hands-on experience.

So Ari does have a life outside of obsessing over monsters and school… kinda. Her best friend is trying to convince her of that anyway. Unfortunately, her best friend is also trying to mend fences between Ari and someone that betrayed her in high school. Her effort to get away from the drama threw Ari in the arms of her latest monster.

As usual, Ari’s curiosity gets the best of her and after setting some pretty definite rules and boundaries, she finds out everything she ever wanted to know about mermen… and more. Was it enough to make her forget her green lover? You’ll have to treat yourself to Wicked Merman to find out

The Wicked Naga
WickedNagaAri’s weekend at the cabin has turned out to be eye-opening—she’s been propositioned by a frenemy and spent a scorching night in the lake with a merman. But the weekend’s not over yet and it’s just her luck there’s a snake-man in these mountains who’s looking for a sweet, young thing to spend some time with.
Ari’s adventurous and the naga is upfront about what he wants. But can she trust a half-man, half-snake who looks at her like she’s dinner?
This wicked naga might be deadly, but he also has a softer side. Ari just has to uncover it.

So, the snake-man is kinda freaky, but he grows on Ari. Which is a good thing because there’s more to him that what it seems. He actually has a sweet side and he also has important info for Ari about her green lover. Info that changes EVERYTHING… Things begin to take another turn in Ari’s Monstrous Tales.

Wicked Dreams: A Monstrous Tales Interlude (never before published)
Plagued by worry for her beloved’s safety, Ari’s dreams have become nightmares since she returned from the mountain. That is, until the night she falls asleep and meets a supernatural who’s very nature gives him control over the dreamscape.

Just another short, sweet and smexy interlude….

The Wicked Minotaur
WickedMinotaurAri’s concern for her beloved has hit critical mass. While she promised the naga she wouldn’t do anything foolish, she’s not one to sit around and let opportunities pass her by.
So, when she finds a real, live minotaur hidden away at the center of the Harvest Festival labyrinth, she grabs the chance to recruit him to help. The only problem? The minotaur’s been a prisoner of the labyrinth for years and he’s forgotten what it’s like to be free.
Good thing Ari has a thing for monsters and plenty of practice getting them revved up.
It looks like this wicked minotaur will be given all the motivation he’ll need to find a way out.

Ari has her hands full with her Minotaur. He has a few qualms about leaving his labyrinth and even more about meeting other monsters. Turns out all he needs to be persuaded is a good chase and a special prize at the finish line.


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