Come Home to Me (Coming Home #5.5) by Jessica Scott

ComeHomeToMeAll Major Patrick MacLean wanted was Christmas with the woman and child who were his family in everything but name. But Captain Samantha Egan has come back from the war a different woman than the one who left – and she doesn’t know if she can love him anymore.
But neither of them counted on the determination of a little girl they both call daughter and if Natalie has her wish, her parents may have no idea what’s coming for them. It’s going to take Christmas miracle to bring these two wounded warriors back from the edge of a broken heart.

It’s been a while since I’ve read a Jessica Scott romance. and to be honest, I forgot how much I enjoy them. Her personal ‘touch’ with military romance never fails to pull me into her stories. She’s also among the handful of my ‘go-to’ contemporary romance authors. So, why it’s taken me so long to pick up this Holiday novella is beyond me… but ’tis the Season’ 😉

I’ve got to admit, it took me a while to sympathize with Samantha. I’m kind of ashamed of myself for that, but I blame it on the fact that Patrick’s POV opened the story. In my head, Patrick was the victim and Samantha was the one causing the pain. Even after they were brought back together, it took me a while to understand why she left. It helped knowing that even she didn’t know. The point is, and one that was pretty effectively driven home, is that unless you’re in the situation that Samantha was in, you can never truly understand it. There’s no right way to handle it and you don’t just ‘come home’ after it’s over. Both of these characters grew and in the process more secrets were revealed on both sides.

Since Natalie was a catalyst in this story, I was happy (but not surprised) to see that she was a witty and smart little girl that added a lot to the plot. This was a family that still had a way to go to be back on track by the end, but they were on the right track and sometimes, that and hope is pretty much all you need.



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