Buried Bodies (Anderson High Werewolves #1) by Kelly Apple

BuriedBodiesJenny Reynolds may be a mere human, but her life is anything but ordinary.

She’s juggling her senior year of high school, a sick mom, a brother who depends on her, and, oh yeah, there’s the matter of a body in the trunk of her car. As if that isn’t enough, the werewolf quarterback of her high school’s all-shifter football team has started sniffing around.

Evan Carmichael never noticed Jenny as more than the cute girl in his class until the day he smelled blood and death on her. Now she’s all he can think about. And when a werewolf becomes intrigued, he’ll do anything to keep the object of his fascination safe.

Even hide a body.

What’s a girl to do when the most beautiful boy in school wants to help her out of her jam? If she’s smart, she takes him up on the offer…

I’ve loved Kelly Apple’s romps through supernatural erotica (Monstrous TalesThe Wicked Woods, The Wicked Wolf, The Wicked Merman, The Wicked Dragon and her new series, Pinnacle PointGhost of a Chance) but I have to admit, I love the stories that have a little more ‘story’ to them even more. Buried Bodies definitely falls into that category.

I guess that the description makes the story seem a little more ‘light’ than it really is. True, Jenny does have a dead body in her trunk, but the reason behind the center of the story is much more serious.

Jenny lives in a world where the supernatural and humans coexist. Even from a supernatural standpoint, Jenny has way more responsibility than any human high school student should have to handle, and she’s human. Having the coolest supernatural guy start paying attention to you because he can smell the blood on you should be a very bad thing… but nothing is quite what it seems.

This is the first book in the Anderson High Werewolves series and it was a grand introduction. Nothing erotic about this one, but the characters were going through so much, it wasn’t missed. This was a sweet, sometimes crazy, love story that was the perfect start to what promises to be a fun series with just a bit of a serious edge. I think I’m going to like getting to know the characters in this unique corner of Kelly Apple’s universe. 😉


By creativedeeds

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