Attack on Phoenix (Forsaken Stars Saga #1) by Megg Jensen

AttackOnPhoenixTwo hundred years ago, an interplanetary expedition crashed on a deserted planet. Their ship was destroyed. Their technology lost.
They built a new society while they waited for rescue. It never came.
Instead they caught the attention of the dragzhi, an aggressive alien species, and found themselves in the midst of a war they were doomed to lose.
Torsten Vikker, a soldier who’d rather read than fight, is on a mission to recover an artifact rumored to have the power to defeat the dragzhi. Rell, a woman raised in a cult, will stop at nothing to keep him away from what she holds sacred.
Yet only together can they hope to save humanity from utter annihilation.

I’ve been a fan of Megg Jensen since I picked up Anathema, the first book in her Cloud Prophet Trilogy. Since then I’ve pretty much everything else she’s written (I still have a few books to go in her Dragonlands series.) When I found out she was starting a new Sci-Fi series, no one had to twist my arm to check it out. Attack on Phoenix was the perfect beginning to what promises to be another amazing series.

Rell and Torsten may have both lived on the same planet, but they essentially existed in two totally different worlds. Rell was totally sheltered in the underground cult. Torsten was isolated by choice. He played his part in the Tower, but only to keep his sister safe and ensure her future. The thing about Phoenix was that nothing was as it seemed.

Even though this is the beginning of a series and the introduction to a new world, including the characters that inhabit it, the story didn’t lag. In fact, Attack on Phoenix was pretty much non-stop with a fair amount of time devoted to the main characters just trying to survive. Speaking of which, if you’ve read any books by this author, you already know that no character is held sacred. They’re all vulnerable to some extent and even when you think everyone’s safe… Did I mention the cliff hanger? I may or may not have ‘yelled’ at the author near the end.

Basically Forsaken Stars Saga totally lived up to my expectations and then some. The next book is Scattered Ashes and I for one can’t wait until it’s released. Once again, procrastination in picking up a book has paid off because I don’t have too long to wait for its release.




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