Found at the Library (Found #1) by Christi Snow

FoundAtTheLibraryHis entire life, Tommy Garrett has dealt with self-doubts. He thought he’d conquered the majority of them until a chance meeting with an author brought his illiteracy to the forefront…again. Growing up with un-diagnosed dyslexia has left Tommy barely able to read, but books are his Nirvana. Now he spends his life creating art dedicated to the love of those “untouchable” items.
Robert McIntyre, Mac, is a best-selling, highly celebrated author. But his point of view has become a little bit too narrow…until Tommy opens his eyes. That chance meeting has changed everything about his world. He has no idea how to find the beautiful man he met, and offended, at the library book sale. But when he does, Tommy’s life is in crisis-mode. It’s the holidays and Mac can’t just standby when Tommy needs help, whether Tommy wants it or not.
Two artistic men. One shared passion for books.
Life is hard, and sometimes when conflict arises you have to write your own plot twist to pull yourself out of the fray.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1I really liked these guys… well, except for the times that I wanted to smack them. They both made some serious mistakes along the way, but I forgave them their moments of stupidity. Mostly because they had legitimate reasons for feeling and acting the way that they did… and they fixed it.

Mac and Tommy were both extremely artistic, but in very different ways. They were also both very passionate about their art, which was what caused their initial misunderstandings. They also both had a knack for jumping to the wrong conclusions, which almost tore them apart more than once. That was aggravating at times, but when I stepped away from the emotion of it all, I kind of understood it. Tommy had lots of reasons to mistrust both his feelings and Mac’s. Even Mac thought his own attempts to help Tommy were borderline stalkerish, but the pull he felt toward him was something he couldn’t fight.

The supporting characters in Found at the Library were a great addition to the story. I can’t really talk about them too much because I don’t want to give anything away. I will say that I shed more than one tear in this one and even ‘yelled’ at the author for making me tear up at a totally unexpected point in the book.

On a side note, every once in a while a book makes me want to find out more when I’m finished. Found at the Library had me searching the internet for anything close to the art that Tommy creates. My gut reaction would have probably been something like Mac’s initial one to desecrating a book until I glimpsed some of the artwork. It’s amazing…

Oh, and I’m also really glad that this book is the first in a series… but I can’t really tell you why. *snickers* Let’s just say when I found out who the next book is about I smiled… a lot. 😉 Happy reading!DragonFlyRating4




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