Black Rose (Shadows #1) by Jenna Ryan

BlackRose“Voodoo is a shadowy business. So is murder.”
Mia LeMay s Creole ancestry spices the atmosphere that permeates her bluesy New Orleans nightclub and sugar-dusted tearoom. But her cloistered world shatters when she witnesses a murder and she s forced to put her life in the hands of a man she s never met.
A man whose golden eyes hide as many dark secrets as the killer who wants her dead.
Even as Agent Rick Ryder whisks Mia into the teeth of a tropical storm, guilt twists like a knife in his gut. He has a personal stake in keeping the black-haired beauty safe. Once his superiors figure out what he pulled to make sure he s the one watching her back, his life will be worth about as much as hers if he fails.
Deep in the Louisiana mangroves, desire envelopes them like the steamy bayou mist. But there are many things lurking in the shadows. Things that slither. Things that bite. And something evil that’s determined to make sure Mia never sees the light of another dawn
This title has been previously published.
“Warning: Contains a sexy federal agent (or is he?) who’s a ticking time bomb, and a woman with the bayou in her blood and a wicked way with stiletto heels. Grab your “gris gris bag,” gaienne, “the real bad is comin!”

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Black Rose. As the description states, this is a previously published book and honestly, those can be hit or miss. I obviously didn’t pick it up the first time around, but when it was offered for review, it caught my attention. I love books with a touch of black magic and the Louisiana Bayou is the perfect setting. I’m happy to say, Black Rose did not disappoint.

Tension was the main theme of Black Rose. Magical tension, tension that was a product of the danger they were in, tension caused by Mia’s lack of trust where Ryder was concerned and of course, sexual tension. Mia and Ryder did their best to fight it, but of course giving into their feelings was a matter of fate. It was a nice diversion to the very real danger that they were both in and the mysterious magic that surrounded them, both good and evil.

I liked the little twists and getting to know who Ryder really was. Even though it seems as if Mia and Ryder’s story comes to an end, I’m hoping we see at least a little more of them as the series continues. Blood Orchid features a new couple in the Shadows series and is due to release in December 2015.




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