A Veiled Truth (The Hunted #2.5) by Amanda Shofner – Bout of Books 14 Review

VeiledTruthShe’s about to learn life isn’t like her controlled experiments.
Edie Brown is a lab rat, dedicated to improving the lives of her fellow Gifted. And while she saved countless Gifted soldiers with her research during the war against the Hunters, she’s haunted by the one person she hasn’t saved: her aunt. With a new pair of joint illusionists to help her, Edie’s closer than ever to a breakthrough.
But her well-ordered scientist’s life unravels when her best friend Marcus proposes a different kind of experiment — one that puts her heart at risk — and her aunt collapses, leaving Edie wondering if she’s too late to help. She’s not about to give up yet, though, not when there’s still a chance she can cure her aunt — and find the one thing she didn’t even know she needed.

Oh Edie… for as smart as this girl was, she had a lot to learn. Seems that everyone around her knew that except for her.

To be fair, Edie was carrying around a lot of guilt. Unnecessary guilt. Her only focus was her work. Her research offered protection and knowledge that was invaluable, but life couldn’t always be filed neatly under X and Y… and it shouldn’t be. Beyond the walls of her carefully controlled lab, she cared for her aunt, who she desperately hoped she could cure. When Marcus gave her a change in focus, everything else she thought she knew changed with it. When her aunt’s condition took an unexpected turn, her focus switched back and narrowed even more.

I’ve liked this series from the beginning A Veiled Truth made me love it even more. Edie’s routine needed to be shaken up and Marcus was the perfect person to provide the diversion. He cared about Edie and whether she could admit it or not, she cared about him too. Her whole world was turned upside down in A Veiled Truth, but that’s not always a bad thing.

As an added bonus, the heat was turned up more than a little in A Veiled Truth. Marcus and Edie were obviously good together… very good. It just took a little bit of convincing on Marcus’ part to prove to Edie what they had was more than a diversion or an experiment.

If you haven’t read any books in the Hunted series, there’s really no reason why you can’t start here. I’m pretty sure you’ll want to learn more about this world that Amanda Shofner created once you finish. If you want to start at the beginning, the series starts with Elusive Memories. Regardless of where you decide to start, enjoy! 😉



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