PAS (War of the Alphas #4) S.M. Reine

PASDeirdre Tombs is a Beta without her Alpha. Everton Stark is missing, just days in advance of the election to replace Rylie Gresham as leader of all North American shifters.
She can’t control his allies anymore. She can’t win the election without him.
Everything will be lost unless Deirdre can become a better monster than Stark.

S.M. Reine is an expert at creating terribly flawed characters who blur the lines between good and evil in unimaginable ways. From the beginning of this series, I had a hard time sympathizing with Deirdre. Mostly because of her feelings toward Rylie. I’ve said it more than once since I started reviewing this series. PAS didn’t change that, but I started looking at these characters from a different perspective when I started thinking about this review.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1I’ve had three series full of books to fall in love with and respect Rylie as a character. Seeing her from Deirdre’s perspective was hard, but it was necessary. I wanted to tell her everything that Rylie had been through. Basically, I wanted to speed up the process, but I couldn’t. Those were things that Dierdre had to learn on her own. Besides, Rylie’s patience and honestly with Dierdre only succeeded in making me love and respect her more.

One of my favorite parts of this series has been the sometimes unexpected appearances of and/or references to past characters. Of course Dierdre’s clueless, but to those of us who have read the previous books, it’s almost comforting to see where they ended up or how they’re immortalized after Genesis.

To say that PAS was intense would be an understatement. Dierdre held the fate of a lot of people in the decisions she made, but her fate was held by others’ actions as well. My opinion about some characters changed, which is a normal occurrence with this author. My opinion on some didn’t change enough to make a difference though, but I have a feeling that SM Reine isn’t quite done with them yet, so I won’t write them off totally. There were plenty of twists, turns, revelations and surprises to keep the pages turning, which I’ve also come to expect. Take nothing for granted and never assume.

I’d like to say that this book brought everything to a satisfying close, but I can’t. A story arc came full circle, but the story is far from over. That’s okay though, because when it comes to this world of demons, angels, shifters, wolves, vampires and even humans that this author has created, I don’t think I’ll ever get enough. 😉



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