What He Left Behind by L.A. Witt

WhatHeLeftBehindCan you ever have a second first time?
Josh Carver thinks it’s just another lunch with his best friend, Michael—until Michael confesses he just turned down a date with his hot veterinarian crush. It seems Michael’s abusive ex left him more scarred than Josh realized.
Josh and his husband, Ian, have done their best to help Michael leave his horrific past behind, but even Josh is stunned when Ian suggests that Josh help Michael with his fear of physical intimacy. After all, it isn’t like it would be the first time—Josh and Michael were once each other’s firsts.
A hesitant first kiss, and Josh and Michael’s natural attraction eases the way. But with Michael still balking at the prospect of sex with someone new, Ian steps into the breach.
Everything is fine and dandy until emotions become so entangled, their friendship—and a marriage—could be at risk.
Warning: Contains three guys who will do anything for each other, a hot tub that’s always the right temperature, and a cat with an attitude problem.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1First, Ian is amazing. I don’t know many men or women who would show as much love and trust as this man did in What He Left Behind. Second, this premise had disaster written all over it from the first page. I couldn’t see how any of these men could walk away from this unscathed. And for the record, they didn’t.

My loyalties between Ian, Michael and Josh floated throughout this book. It would have been easier if I could have disliked any of them. The truth is I loved all three. Michael was totally broken and needed to be able to depend on someone he trusted. Ian was totally devoted to Josh, but trusted him enough to push him to help Michael. Josh was totally devoted to Ian, but was still emotionally attached to Michael in a way that made him want to find a way to help him that didn’t involve doing the man who broke him bodily harm.

It took a tremendous amount of love and devotion between all three of these men to make things work. In the end I admired them all. What He Left Behind is a very appropriate title in more ways than one. In the beginning I thought I knew who the title referred to, but by the end I realized more than one of them had left something behind. It takes a special book to make me feel like a menage could really work and this is definitely one of them.



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