Fashionably Dead (Hot Damned #1) by Robyn Peterman

FashionablyDeadVampyres don’t exist. They absolutely do not exist.
At least I didn’t think they did ‘til I tried to quit smoking and ended up Undead. Who in the hell did I screw over in a former life that my getting healthy equates with dead?
Now I’m a Vampyre. Yes, we exist whether we want to or not. However, I have to admit, the perks aren’t bad. My girls no longer jiggle, my ass is higher than a kite and the latest Prada keeps finding its way to my wardrobe. On the downside, I’m stuck with an obscenely profane Guardian Angel who looks like Oprah and a Fairy Fighting Coach who’s teaching me to annihilate like the Terminator.
To complicate matters, my libido has increased to Vampyric proportions and my attraction to a hotter than Satan’s underpants killer rogue Vampyre is not only dangerous . . . it’s possibly deadly. For real dead. Permanent death isn’t on my agenda. Avoiding him is my only option. Of course, since he thinks I’m his, it’s easier said than done. Like THAT’S not enough to deal with, all the other Vampyres think I’m some sort of Chosen One.
Holy Hell, if I’m in charge of saving an entire race of blood suckers, the Undead are in for one hell of a ride.

When I first finished Fashionably Dead I admitted on GoodReads that I was torn with my rating. I’ve given it a few days and decided that I honestly still am…

The beginning to me was kind of slow, but the story grew on me. This is where the wishy-washiness of my opinion comes into play. I could probably rate this book in sections. The beginning would be about a 3, then the middle would jump to a really high 4, then it falls back to a 3 again… *sigh*

I really liked the characters and I liked the story… it just seemed to drag at times. There’s also the fact that I found it kind of hard to like Astrid at times because she seemed so shallow. I ended up really liking her by the end though. Beyond that, it was really fun story with a couple of interesting twists… and then… you guessed it. Fashionably Dead ended in one heck of a cliff hanger. For that reason there is no doubt that I’ll be picking up Fashionably Dead Down Under in the near future. 😉



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