Immortal (Fallen Angles #6) by J.R. Ward

ImmortalThe Creator invented the game, and the stakes are nothing less than the fate of the quick and the dead: seven souls, seven crossroads. Reluctant savior Jim Heron has compromised himself, his body and his soul, and yet he’s on the verge of losing everything…
…Including Sissy, the innocent he freed from Hell. Jim’s determined to protect her—but this makes her a weakness the demon Devina can exploit. With Jim torn between the game and the woman he’s sworn to defend, evil’s more than ready to play dirty.
Humanity’s savior is prepared to do anything to win—even embark on a suicide mission into the shadows of Purgatory. True love is Jim’s only hope for survival—and victory. But can a man with no heart and no soul be saved by something he doesn’t believe in?

I admit, I put off reading Immortal for a while. The main reason was I didn’t know if I was ready to say goodbye to Jim and crew. I shouldn’t have been worried.

I’ve loved these characters from the beginning and since it’s been running for 6 years, it’s hard to believe that the events took place in just a few weeks. Especially since so much happened. There was love, lust, pain, loss and tears… Good didn’t always win out over evil, but sometimes there was a fine line between the two.

More than one person got their HEA in Immortal and there were more happy tears than sad ones this time around. Even though Jim’s story came to a satisfying close there was a hint that we may not have seen the last of a character or two… Regardless, I’ll be seeing all of them again because Fallen Angels has definitely made it to my re-read list 😉



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