Scandalous (Finn Factor #2) by R.G. Alexander

ScandalousWill it be Scandalous?
If Natasha Rivera is involved, the answer is usually yes. The owner of The Twisted Tart bakery has never been shy about expressing her opinions or her desires. The only secret she ever kept had to do with her feelings for a certain Finn and the details of their unusual relationship.
When reformed bad boy Senator Stephen Finn asks her to join him for a week of political intrigue and kink, there’s no way she can say no. Nothing has changed. His star is still on the rise and she is still too wild to be tamed. Once they get their hands on each other they’re bound to cause a scandal…but it might just be worth it.
Recipe of Warning: Take one outspoken, sexually confident woman and a repressed former bad boy. Combine until sparks fly. Add voyeurism, exhibitionism, spanking, excessive quantities of explicit sex, a kinky house party and whatever pervertible you have on hand…thoroughly shake the mixture until your wrists hurt or your batteries run low. Mmmm. Yummy warning.

I’ve gotta be honest here. I picked up the first book in this series, Curious, because the M/M genre caught my eye and another blogger who I follow had read it and loved it. That’s basically all it took for me to fall in love with the entire Finn clan. So, even though BDSM isn’t one of my ‘go-to’ reads, because it was part of this series I knew that it was a must read. I wasn’t disappointed. 😉

Readers were introduced to Tasha and Stephen in Curious. Actually, their affair tied into Jeremy and Owen’s story and I was more than excited when I found out their story was next. It seems that the only two people that didn’t know that Tasha and Stephen were meant for each other were Tasha and Stephen… at least within the Finn clan.

Natasha took whatever interaction from Stephen she could get, so when he asked her to help him she didn’t hesitate to tell him yes. She had loved him forever and even though she knew her lifestyle wasn’t good for his squeaky clean reputation, he needed her. What she didn’t realize was that Stephen felt the same way.

So… yeah, the story was kind of predictable… and yeah, I spent a lot of time ‘yelling’ at both Stephen and Tasha, Scandalous was still a really great story. There was humor, heartbreak, some really bad guys, plenty of heat and in the middle of it all a really sweet love story.

Next comes Dangerous and it’s another M/M romance. I’m pretty sure I can guess who the next Finn will be. I can’t wait to see if I’m right 😉



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