Long Gone Lonesome Blues (Texas Brands #4) by Maggie Shayne

LongGoneLonesomeBluesBen Brand had thought nothing could hurt more than losing Penny, his cherished wife. He was wrong. When Penny mysteriously showed up on his ranch, dazed but alive, Ben faced a new kind of anguish. His beloved had no memory of her past – or of him.
Ben set out to discover what had happened to his wife. Penny had to remember everything: who she was, where she’d been – the love they’d shared – because he couldn’t stand to lose the only woman he’d ever loved – again.

One more entry in my ‘guilty pleasure’ category. I just can’t walk away from these sweet little romances.

Ben has been breaking my heart since the beginning of this series. The tragic loss of his wife and the way he handled it had every member of his family worrying about him. When he started ‘seeing’ Penny that worry became even stronger. Once everyone discovered that Penny really was still alive, the real mystery began.

Although I really looked forward to Ben getting his HEA, I have to admit, Long Gone Lonesome Blues wasn’t my favorite in the Texas Brands series. I still liked it and the mystery was really good… I can’t really put my finger on it…

One thing I do know is that by now these brothers should learn a little bit from one another’s past mistakes. I don’t think I’ve seen a family full of men need women to keep them straight more than the Brand brothers. That’s part of the fun though, so I can’t complain too much.

Looks like the next book in the series steers away from the immediate family and pulls in some long lost cousins. Another mystery is on the horizon and I’ve already got The Lone Cowboy ready and waiting for the next time I have time to indulge in my guilty pleasure. đŸ˜‰



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