In the Distance (In the Kitchen #3) by Nikka Michaels & Eileen Griffin

InTheDistanceTyler Mitchell has worked hard to rebuild his life after his family kicked him out. A culinary student and sous chef who spends his spare time volunteering with kids, he’s happy enough even though he has no time to consider a relationship. Trevor Pratt is finally getting over losing his best friend and the one person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, but it’s taken screwing every cute guy in Manhattan to get there. He’s vowed to repair the friendship he endangered, but that’s hard to do when his friend’s new employee catches his eye. Despite being warned to stay away from Tyler, Trevor knows the sous chef is more than just a hookup. Romance is a terrible idea. Trevor is ten years older and a relentless playboy. Tyler is still unsure of his place in the world. Neither of them is ready for life-changing love, but as things heat up, their chemistry in the bedroom might just take that decision out of their hands.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure120% into this book I purchased the first books in the series. It wasn’t because I was confused or felt lost… it was because I NEEDED to know Jamie and Ethan’s full story 😉 Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system… on to Tyler and Trevor’s story.

I loved Tyler. I can see why Jamie and Ethan cared about him so much. He was more than an employee, he was part of their family. On the flip side I can also see why Tyler felt like he was being smothered. He worked hard at being independent and he didn’t want people thinking he couldn’t take care of himself. He usually took it in stride, but when it came to who he could and couldn’t spend time with it became a little too much.

I suppose if I had read the first two books in the series it might have taken me a little longer to warm up to Trevor. I didn’t always agree with his methods, but it was obvious that his heart was in the right place. He never planned on starting a romantic relationship with Tyler. Besides the age difference, he didn’t think he was good enough for Tyler. That didn’t mean that he wasn’t hurt by Ethan and especially Jamie’s assumption that he would use Tyler as another conquest.

For as much as the characters in In the Distance cared about each other, they didn’t communicate very well. Trevor acted before he thought. Tyler jumped to conclusions before getting all the facts. Jamie and Ethan didn’t really give Trevor a chance to prove himself before jumping to the most obvious conclusion. Despite all the stumbling blocks, things eventually worked out. There were times when I wished I could have jumped in and set the characters straight. I love it when authors make me care about characters that much.

I might have to read this one again after I read In the Raw and In the Fire. You know, just to make sure my perspective doesn’t change any. 😉 I’m also kind of hoping that readers see more of Trevor and Tyler in future books in the In the Kitchen series. DragonFlyRating4


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