Release Day! Hawthorne (Darkling Saga #1) by Jamie Cassidy (aka Amos Cassidy)

Hawthorn posterWant more? Here’s just a little taste…

I don’t know how long I’ve been asleep when something wakes me. I don’t know what, and I lay there under the warm cosy duvet staring into the darkness. My heart is pounding real hard as if I’ve been running. I lie real still and listen, but there is nothing but silence.
Stupid, probably had a weird dream, can’t remember it now, but it probably woke me up. I roll onto my side and close my eyes.
I bolt upright and out of bed. Before I register what I am doing, I’m in a crouch.
My door handle rattles.
I freeze.
It turns and the door swings open with a creak.
Heather shuffles in, rubbing her eyes sleepily.
I realise I am holding my breath and let it out in a rush.
“Hey, Hev. Come here.” I hold out my arms and she stumbles into them. We climb into my bed and I pull the duvet up, tucking it around us. She snuggles into me.
“You have a bad dream?”
She shakes her head. “Was having a nice dream, but the little girl woke me. She wouldn’t stop talking.” She yawns and closes her eyes.
My scalp prickles. “What little girl?”
“In the mirror.”
I look down at her, but her eyes are closed, she is already asleep. For me, sleep is a long time coming.

Hawthorn blurb image


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