Black Widow (Elemental Assassin #12) by Jennifer Estep

BlackWidowThere’s nothing worse than a cruel, cunning enemy with time to kill—and my murder to plan.
With wicked Fire elemental Mab Monroe long gone, you’d think I could finally catch a break. But someone’s always trying to take me down, either as Gin Blanco or my assassin alter-ago. Now along comes the Spider’s new arch-nemesis, the mysteriously named M. M. Monroe, who is gleefully working overtime to trap me in a sticky web of deceit.
The thing is, I’m not the only target. I can see through the tangled threads enough to know that every bit of bad luck my friends have been having lately is no accident—and that each unfortunate “coincidence” is just one more arrow drawing ever closer to hitting the real bulls-eye. Though new to Ashland, this M. M. Monroe is no stranger to irony, trying to get me, an assassin, framed for murder. Yet, as my enemy’s master plan is slowly revealed, I have a sinking feeling that it will take more than my powerful Ice and Stone magic to stop my whole life from going up in flames.

Well, that was intense. Of course none of the books in this series are a calm walk in the park, but Black Widow took things up a notch. I never thought that I would hate a character more than Mab Monroe, but her daughter turned out to be a whole new level of ‘witch.’

Instead of going for the obvious kill like all the other crime bosses in Ashland, M.M. Monroe decided to go the ‘legal’ route. Or as legal as things got in their fair city. She didn’t go about it slowly either. One by one, everyone that Gin loved and cared about was targeted. They never saw it coming. The one thing that Ms. Monroe didn’t take into consideration was the level of payback that Gin would send her way for messing with her family.

The battle got super personal and they were pretty much surrounded by danger from the beginning to the end. The tactics were clever but once Gin knew the game plan, she took her time and worked as smartly as her opponent. As usual, she didn’t do it alone though. Her friends and family were behind and beside her all the way, which is one of the many things I love about the Elemental Assassin series.

Gin seems to pick up more family as she goes, which is keeping things interesting. So are the twists and turns in Black Widow that could have changed everything and still might. Gin’s status in Ashland also took a new turn and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book, Spider’s Trap. 13 books in and I’m not even close to being tired of Gin and company. 😉



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