Beta (War of the Alphas #2) by S.M. Reine

BetaDeirdre Tombs has lived most her life as the weakest of shapeshifters—an Omega who can’t turn into any animal. Now the terrorist known as Everton Stark has made her his Beta. He wants her by his side when he defeats the Office of Preternatural Affairs, kills Rylie Gresham, and becomes Alpha of all shifters.
The faeries from the Winter Court have an offer to make Stark’s domination easier. They know where to find a cursed sword that can kill anything, and they’ll give it to him…for a price.
Deirdre’s the only one who can keep Stark from getting this powerful weapon—if she wants to. But as brutal as Stark may be, he’s also the only one who can give Deirdre what she wants.
And Deirdre doesn’t know where her loyalties lie anymore.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1I don’t think I’ve ever read a book that made me hate, admire and sympathize with characters as much as the War of Alphas series has. Let me clarify that for you. I’m not talking about different characters here, it’s fairly common to love one character as much as you hate another. I’m talking about the SAME character. Sure, an author has made me change my opinion about a character more than once, but it usually takes at least a healthy portion of a book to make my opinion of those characters pull a complete about face. S.M. Reine has managed to make me have a love/hate relationship with at least two characters in this series pretty much from the beginning. My loyalties flip sometimes from chapter to chapter. The crazy part is that one of them is the heroine, Deirdre.

Really, I understand where Deirdre’s coming from and I never really hated her. She’s basically a semi-reluctant double agent. It’s no wonder she’s confused. She’s spent her entire life after Genesis feeling betrayed by Rylie. To make things even more complicated, it was Abel who made the final decision about keeping her out of the sanctuary. I know in my mind that all those things make it impossible for her to put her total trust in Rylie or anyone else connected with the sanctuary. I know what happened prior to the Genesis. In my heart, every time Deirdre listens to Stark and doubts Rylie’s intentions I want to reach into the book and shake her and tell her everything… but I can’t. Honestly, it’s beyond frustrating.

Then there was Stark. I really thought it was impossible to feel anything for this man other than hate. I’d be lying if I said that I now like him. Not even close. It’s more a matter of me understanding him just a little bit more. That realization didn’t come until near the end of Beta, but it was a powerful moment.

There wasn’t much down time in Beta. Things happened fast and the players (and sometimes their loyalties) changed just as quickly. Speaking of which, there are a lot more characters to contend with. The battle isn’t just between the Alphas anymore. There’s a lot more at stake and more preternatural beings than ever before. Readers are also getting closer to finding out exactly what Deirdre is and I have a feeling it’s going to bring things to a whole new level for everyone.

Alpha is next, and it was supposed to be the end of the trilogy. Evidently it’s taken on a life of its own because S.M. Reine has hinted that there will probably be another book added to the series. After reading Beta, I totally understand. As awesome as this author is, I have no idea how just one book can wrap up all the crazy developments in this book.



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